Finance and Accounting

Reduce operating costs and get more done in less time with Odoo Finance and Accounting.

In a world filled with complex and frustrating apps, Odoo is the deal- breaker. What sets Odoo apart particularly for Finance is its simplicity and intuitive feature. We are so used to a complicated accounting system that adds to redundancy of work for business managers and accountants.


It’s about time that you make your data work for you, so you can make financial decisions without the hassle.

Odoo gives you the option to automate almost everything, saving you time. With Odoo, you can upload data from spreadsheets with a single click. Generate financial reports, manage credit transfers and analyze information without going back and forth to multiple files or paperwork. Since Odoo has all of your departments’ data, you can mix, customize and generate reports with just a few clicks.

Save time, save money and reduce redundancy with

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Get real-time data so you can reduce operating costs and improve returns.

Odoo ERP works not just for SMEs but also for multinational businesses, banks, investment companies, credit unions, insurance, brokerage and loan institutions. Odoo is the most user-friendly and flexible ERP in the market today. Any business can find Odoo tremendously helpful with their day-to-day accounting and operations.

With Odoo Finance and Odoo Accounting, your business will benefit via:

System flexibility that caters to quick changes and urgent demand

Compliance with local regulatory requirements

Language module for international accounting teams

Integration with various company departments for precise information

Real-time updating and tracking of transactions in one app

Transparency across all departments

Caters to front-end and back-office operations

Ability to generate customized reports with a few clicks

Protection from human error and data breach

Iron-clad privacy and accountability

Scalable modules – just pay for what you need at the moment

Lower cost and faster implementation time as compared to other systems

Get more sales and grab a bigger market share without complexity with

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Odoo is not just a simple alternative to your accounting software, moreover it’s a total change management tool.

As an end-to-end solution for your company’s finance processes, Odoo gives you a full ecosystem to help your people make decisions without delay or errors. Odoo helps you to generate data so you can unlock trends not usually seen on traditional reports.

With Odoo Finance and Odoo Accounting, your business will benefit via:

Accounts Payable

Inventory Management


Expense Tracking

Bank Reconciliation

Tax calculations

Chart of accounts

Fixed asset management

Budget analysis report

Get the upgrade and automate so you can improve your revenue with

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