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Manage Fixed Assets and comply with the requirements of IFRS (IAS-16)
with odoo ERP

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    Time: 4 pm

    Demo Session: 30 Min
    Q&A Session: 10 Min

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    Ever wondered how to manage Fixed Assets efficiently while ensuring compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS, specifically IAS-16)? Want to learn how odoo ERP can help you streamline your accounting?

    Join us in our free exclusive online Odoo webinar series and unlock the power of strategic asset management.

    Why Attend This Webinar?

    Learn from the Experts: With a wealth of industry experience, our seasoned Odoo professionals will guide you through requirements of IFRS related to Fixed Assets and describe how Odoo's innovative features can make it a breeze.

    Compliance Simplified: Discover how Odoo ERP, with its robust Fixed Assets Management feature, aids in professionally complying with the stipulations of IFRS (IAS-16 Property Plant and Equipment).

    Advanced Asset Management: Dive deep into how Odoo helps you manage fixed asset additions, deletions/disposals, revaluation, and accounting, thereby facilitating asset lifecycle management.

    Streamlined Accounting and Reporting: Uncover Odoo's powerful capabilities in accounting and report of assets, preparing depreciation boards, and auto-generating amortization and other entries.

    Interactive Learning: Our webinars are designed to be highly interactive, giving you the opportunity to have your queries addressed by our experts.

    Don't miss the opportunity to Consult with our Odoo Functional Experts!

    Meet the Expert

    Shahzad Iqbal, a highly respected Chartered Accountant, will be your guide on this journey. Shahzad brings years of practical experience and profound knowledge of OdooERP. He will be more than ready to answer all your queries and provide a clear, real-time demonstration of the application.

    Interactive Q&A Session

    Our expert speaker, Shahzad Iqbal, will be at hand to respond to your queries. You can pose questions on any aspect related to the webinar's topic, and Shahzad will provide comprehensive answers based on his deep knowledge and years of practical experience with Odoo ERP systems.

    We encourage you to come prepared with your questions and make the most of this unique opportunity. This Q&A session is designed to make this webinar a two-way learning experience and to ensure that you leave with no doubt unanswered.

    We recommend you watch odoo accounting demo before the webinar