Bill of Materials (BoM)

Business managers are frequently confronted with the challenge of managing inventory. One way to do so is by using a Bill of Materials (BOM). A BOM is a list that tells you what items go into producing one end product.

A BOM allows for better forecasting and ordering, which can help reduce costs and increase profitability.


Odoo's Bill of Materials module was created with this in mind, allowing users to easily manage their production by creating, editing, or deleting BOMs within seconds.

Odoo BOM Module is an enterprise resource planning tool for managing production, distribution, and sales channels. Business managers can use a BOM to organize all components needed to produce one finished product.

A Bill of Materials is often created to ensure that every component required for production or sale will be available when needed, creating better efficiency and stability within the company's supply chain.

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Odoo Project Forecast Module

The most challenging part of any project is predicting when the job will be finished. If you're the person in charge of a project, you know that it can be one of the most demanding and challenging jobs to juggle. Project managers are responsible for all aspects of a project from start to finish. They have to manage timelines, budgets, resource allocation, and much more!

The first step to getting project forecasting right is establishing a realistic and precise timeline with all the tasks required to complete your project

Odoo Project Forecast is a project management software that helps you forecast future projects. It enables managers to accurately predict the cost and time, which can help make better decisions about how much money needs to be allocated for it.

Odoo Project Forecast is an innovative new tool that helps business managers with their day-to-day challenges as they work on projects. It's designed to help them save time by quickly identifying risk areas or changes in scope so they can make adjustments before things go too far off course..

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Odoo Manufacturing Planning

Odoo Manufacturing Planning is the perfect tool for companies to manage their manufacturing needs. It is a complete ERP system. One of its modules, Odoo Manufacturing Execution (OME), can be used to plan production capacity, in-process inventory management, assembly line balancing, and more.

The Odoo Manufacturing Planning module has been designed to help you monitor your inventory levels, adjust order quantities based on demand, plan new orders by setting up forecast targets, and view reports about your planned productions.

Different modules can be used in the manufacturing industry to create an efficient and streamlined production process. The module for Manufacturing Planning is one of those modules. This module allows a business manager to keep tabs on all aspects of their production with ease.

The Manufacturing Planning module also provides historical data, enabling you to track trends over time and identify potential bottlenecks early before they become serious problems.

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Odoo Internet of Things (IoT Box)

Manufacturing managers, if you're looking to take your manufacturing process and production to the next level, Odoo IoT Box is the solution for you.

With this revolutionary device, Odoo will monitor your entire manufacturing floor and provide real-time data about what's happening on every machine.

This information can then be used by management to make informed decisions about optimizing their production line to produce more efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality control.

Manufacturing companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their margins and increase profits. One way they can do this is by leveraging the potential of data.

Odoo IoT Box module helps manufacturing managers with day-to-day operations, customer insights, and production planning. This module also provides a platform to control production processes to maximize efficiency and minimize waste while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The IoT Box is a small, lightweight device that can be placed anywhere on the factory floor.

It's designed to collect data in real-time from sensors and transmitters around your facility. This data is then analyzed to provide insights into how your production process is running.

With this information, you'll know if there are any areas of improvement or opportunities for cost savings

IoT Box Connects to:

Your company database


Error detection equipment

Payment Terminals

Measurement tool




And other devices directly feeding data to your database

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