Convert your leads into customers without spending another dime on multiple app subscriptions with Odoo.

Marketing is your business' life blood. Without it your company's growth will remain stagnant. But every business owner knows that marketing means spending a lot of money on subscription, automation and ads. Good thing Odoo gives you a cost-efficient and less labor-intensive way to do marketing. And with Odoo, you don't have to do marketing manually, you can automate it and watch as new customers keep on coming.


Odoo gives every company a simpler and reliable way to do marketing without additional manpower involved.

What's great with Odoo is its exposure to various industries. After years of solving problems to millions of customers, Odoo identified the marketing basics that every company has to have. And leveraging its interconnected modules helps companies to fulfill their marketing needs minus the paperwork, phone calls or extra hours involved.

Odoo Marketing lets you do the following:

Lead Generation – via Odoo Website, Odoo Email Marketing and Odoo Events.
Lead Qualification – Find, grade and prioritize hot leads with Odoo CRM.
Lead Nurturing – Convert your low-performing leads into hot prospects via nurturing campaigns

Get more prospects and paying customers without spending an arm and a leg with a marketing agency, only with

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Email Marketing and Newsletters

Tap into one of your most important business assets, your customers' email addresses with Odoo's email marketing function. In the past, doing email marketing can be costly. You have to subscribe to expensive email automation apps just to send mass emails and newsletters. Good thing Odoo lets you send multiple emails with just a click of the button. You can import from an excel spreadsheet or use email addresses in your Odoo database. Send eye-catching campaigns, weekly newsletters or important announcements with ease. Odoo's built-in themes and designs makes drafting emails a breeze even for a total newbie in marketing.

Odoo Email Marketing and Campaign builder lets you:

Insert call to actions links to the website

Schedule a time for sending each email

Opt-out functionality

View who open your emails or who click the links

Use link tracker to track an email's performance

Make templates and reuse for future email campaigns

Create several email lists according to various group category

View bounced emails or invalid addresses

Integrates with Odoo CRM

Create time-based and action-based email triggers

Option to send SMS to your customer

Odoo Social Media Marketing

Social media is one long-term marketing tool that most companies fail to maximize.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter platforms help your company to achieve brand authority and visibility. With Odoo's Social Media Marketing features, you can do the following and more:


Send push notifications to your platform subscribers

Upload photos, videos, streams and polls

Interact with your community

Gather insight on your social media performance

Send push notifications to your platform subscribers

Upload photos, videos, streams and polls

Odoo SMS Marketing

Now you can send mass text messages even without your phone. With Odoo’s SMS feature, you can do:


Create various SMS recipients listsS

Schedule a date and time for sending SMS

Automated opt-out/unsubscribe link

Buy SMS credits according to the volume that you need

Track SMS open, click and bounce rate

Track undelivered texts and inactive numbers

Get insight about an SMS campaign performance and revenues

Odoo CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are technology being used by companies for two-way communication with customers and prospects. A CRM subscription typically cost a lot of money and businesses tend to overspend on CRM subscriptions from the outset. Odoo gives your company a robust CRM without overpaying on features that you will not need at the moment.

Odoo's scalable features lets you get started communicating with your target leads right away minus the downtime caused by implementation of a complicated system. Odoo's CRM helps you to do the following and more:

Integrate with your preferred third-party systems

Upload contacts via excel or email forms

Customer service integration

Add your own features in connection with other Odoo apps

Collaborates with other departments such as accounting, human resources and logistics

Easy configuration according to your unique business need

Convert more leads automatically while saving on marketing money, only with

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