Multi Branch Management System

Multi Branch Management System

If your business processes are spread and divided across various locations, then you can use Odoo's multi branch functionality. Whether you have your manufacturing in China, your main office in the USA and a hundred warehouses and sales teams all across continents, Odoo got you covered.


Operate and Monitor Multiple Branches Without Leaving Your Laptop

Odoo integrates your multiple transactions across various branches, no matter where they are in the world. It gives you an all in one place to input your orders, sales, delivery and reports. See your company performance, down time and sales bottleneck in real time no matter the location. Monitor invoices, vendor performance, receipt, credit notes, payments, inventory, internal transfers branch to branch. Do Accounting across all departments and locations.

Finally, a platform that can simplify your operations!

Run your multiple branches as a well-oiled machine only with

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One Input for All Branches – Fast and Easy

Odoo’s intuitive and self-updating apps are being used by millions of users worldwide to run their company operations from anywhere in the globe. Place an order, monitor stocks, compare quotations and assign tasks to individual branches with a simple touch of a button. Everything runs on its own and updates the other branches with less staff manual intervention. This simple system removes double confirmation and data entry, thereby improving your cycle time. As you facilitate the movement of your resources and products with ease, you can realize improved cash flow.

Odoo Gives You Minor Improvements That Adds Up to Increment Gains Over Time

Manage Your Pre-Sales and Post-Sales

The speed of sales and product movement determines your business growth. Odoo helps you to efficiently sell and procure your products. Manage your vendors, compare quotes and track the speed of your branch’s movement, in an all-in-one platform. With Odoo for multi-branch, you can monitor cash collection, automate purchase orders and prevent understocking or overstocking. An automated system improves your delivery time, thereby giving your customers and stakeholders assurance and peace of mind.

Odoo Multi-Company: Perfect for Dropshipping

Odoo is perfect for medium-sized businesses as well as for drop shippers. You can operate your business and track the movement of your orders even if your supplier is across the other side of the globe. You can even monitor everything on the move, as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. Get status updates, automate follow ups, generate reports and manage your accounting all in one dashboard.

Odoo helps you to optimize your:

Purchase Order

Inventory Management

Product Categorization

Staff Assignment

Human Resources

Payroll for All Branches

Reports and Documentation




Fleet Operations

Keep your restaurant customers happy and your business healthy by letting Odoo take care of your restaurant operations.

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