Multi Company Management System

Odoo Multi Company Management System


Seamless Productivity Across States, Countries and Continents

Efficiency is very multi-company's life blood. You don't want your company caught up in delayed transactions and mixed up orders. You don't want to suffer from avoidable errors caused by time, currency and language differences. These are the reasons why Odoo created a robust multi-company management system.

Even one error from one location can adversely affect your whole operations. Like a chain, your multi-company is only as strong as your weakest link. Odoo lets you track, analyze, and monitor every process at all locations. With this, you can pinpoint your vulnerabilities before it affects the whole chain. Odoo improves your lead time, manages your logistics, and helps you monitor operations from anywhere in the world.

Odoo Multi-company Module is perfect for manufacturers, importers, exporters, multinational companies, and dropshippers.

At, we help companies to integrate their complex operations.

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A Simple System for your Complicated Operations

Odoo is every business manager's preferred platform because of its hassle-free and easy to use dashboard. Unlike most ERPs that will require your company to learn and master their complicated ecosystem, Odoo has an intuitive interface that's easy to understand. Even a new employee can navigate the dashboard with ease as it is designed to simulate your day to day operations. Odoo is a new breed of business tool, one that's modular and easy to customize for your unique business needs.

One Application and One-Time Updating for all Locations

Odoo's multi-company modules are perfect for both multinational companies as well as for small businesses. With Odoo, sales managers and logistic personnel will no longer have to do the time-consuming task of manually input orders, verification, and transfers. This will minimize human error and ensure faster lead times. Assign, delegate, monitor, follow up, and confirm transactions in multiple locations. As the platform connects every site, there's no need to do double data entry. You can also set an automatic notification for calibration due dates, inventory upgrades, raw material expiry, and more for all locations – with just a touch of a button.

Odoo lets you create new products, configure it in the POS system, upload it online, reorder, schedule transfers, monitor shipment, produce reports, update your accounting, and more.

With Odoo, you don't need to spend huge money to integrate and automate. Odoo is a tool that connects every moving part of your retail store processes. And like a piece of well-oiled machinery, Odoo communicates with each part of the business. When one process moves, another part gets also updated in real-time. Every change and movement becomes visible with Odoo's all-in-one platform.

Odoo's integration and real-time updating help you to see the weakest and strongest parts of your retail operations. You can now identify the bottlenecks and improve your cycle times. With Odoo, you can monitor every aspect of your retail business all on your computer or mobile screen.

Odoo helps you to optimize your:

Multi-company Sales

Tracking of Orders

Synchronize Invoices and Billing

Multiple Permission Depending on Users

Warehouse and Logistics

Integrated CRM for all locations

Project Management

Finance and Accounting


Human Resources

Intercompany Rules

Documentation/Chart of Accounts

Transform your multi-company operations from fragmented sites to one big integrated ecosystem, only with

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