Using Odoo Apps to streamline your human resource management process  

November 28, 2022
Using Odoo Apps to streamline your human resource management process  

Human resources are among the key elements in each organization. Having a good team of employees working for you affects both the quality and the quantity of your work. From the beginning, your HR division tries to find suitable candidates, then provide a good working environment.

Odoo apps for HR management, designed to streamline your HR processes and elevate employee management. From recruitment and onboarding to attendance tracking and performance evaluation, Odoo’s HR apps empower your organization with efficient, automated solutions.

What do HR managers do?

HR managers are responsible for the company’s employees’ life cycle. They are the ones who bring new blood to the company. It is the responsibility of HR to interview the candidates and choose the one who fits the required role.

Later, the HR is going to be supervising any needed training. When the employee begins to do their roles, the HR will be in charge of administering the benefits, and managing their days off, sick leaves, and promotions.

How can Odoo Apps for HR Management help?

Small and medium businesses may be able to handle their employees easily. Big corporations and the ones aiming to grow may find it more challenging. It is difficult to be in charge of tens or hundreds of employees. To overcome all the difficulties, Odoo created a set of apps for the HR management.

Odoo ERP system offers six apps for the Human resources Management. Employees, Recruitment, Time Off, Appraisals, Referrals, and Fleet. Each of these Odoo apps has various capabilities to help organize and run the work smoothly.

How can Odoo Apps for HR Management make recruitment more efficient? 

Recruitment is one of the basic tasks of the HR management Team. Recruitment aims to find and bring good candidates to fill a vacant role in the company. When trying to expand your business, you will need many employees. Unfortunately, the process is not simple. Recruitment can take a long time between reviewing hundreds of CVs and interviewing shortlisted candidates.

Odoo recruitment makes it easier to attract candidates and check their CVs. One app can make everything simpler. You can prepare an ad with all the important information within a short time. The important skills and requirements needed will be defined easily. When reviewing CVs, you can sort and categorize applicants to make it easier to choose. 

Why can Odooerp help you with the time off? 

The management always focuses on working hard and increasing productivity. Getting enough rest is one of the best ways to stay focused on your job. Every company gives employees paid leaves per year. However, when you have a lot of employees, you need to make sure the absence of one does not affect the work.

You can organize the vacation schedule easily with the Timeoff app. it is a good way to track the days your employees have taken and check how many days they have. It can also be used to make it easier to put requests for days off where the HR manager only need to check the availability and approve or decline accordingly.

With good management of time off, the company can still be productive and provide a relaxed environment at the same time. Approving the times off and sick leaves will become easier than ever.

Better data to evaluate your team

An important part of the job of the HR department is to improve the employees’ productivity. To help someone improve, you need to know how good they are at any time. Odoo appraisal is the tool to help you with that. It is not only about helping employees get better; it can be used to show appreciation for the hard work made.  

With Odoo Appraisal, decisions regarding promotions, salaries, and raises get easier. You can use it to determine who should get promoted. The app can greatly impact the employees, making them feel more loyal to the company since their actions are recognized and rewarded. 

Here are some specifically focused on Odoo Apps for HR management System:

Odoo HR: The core HR app in Odoo provides a comprehensive set of features for managing employee information, contracts, time off, attendance, and recruitment processes. It offers a centralized platform to streamline HR operations and automate various tasks.

Odoo Payroll: This app helps automate payroll management by facilitating the calculation of salaries, taxes, deductions, and other payroll-related processes. It integrates seamlessly with other HR modules in Odoo to ensure accurate and efficient payroll processing.

Odoo Employee Directory: This app allows you to maintain a centralized employee directory with detailed profiles, contact information, job titles, departments, and more. It simplifies employee search and collaboration within the organization.

Odoo Recruitment: This app streamlines the recruitment process, from job posting and applicant tracking to scheduling interviews and evaluating candidates. It helps HR teams manage the entire recruitment lifecycle efficiently.

Odoo Appraisal: This app allows you to conduct employee performance appraisals and set goals. It enables managers and employees to track progress, provide feedback, and evaluate performance effectively.

Finishing Lines  

This is only a glimpse of what Odoo is capable of. Contact us and let one of our experts explain how HRMS systems can improve your business further.  

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