Odoo Customer Survey Management


Customer Surveys are the best method to get reliable customer feedback. It can also help your marketing and operations team to perform reliable market research. With Odoo, you can gauge how well your team is performing.

Get more data in less manpower effort.

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Odoo gives you real-time input on your campaigns and valuable insights as you go – fast and easy!

Odoo's custom module works both ways. You can either send a survey link and have your survey participants answer them remotely; or visit the customer and personally ask questions.

Odoo Customer Survey Management allows you to:

Have your customer pause and resume incomplete surveys

Fill up the survey on behalf of the customer

Print surveys on demand

Track survey results and participation

Fill up the survey on behalf of the customer

Have your customer pause and resume incomplete surveys


Odoo gives you the peace of mind and control when it comes to managing your fleet of cars, trucks, delivery vehicles or buses.

OdooERP.ae specializes in simplifying time-consuming processes, so you can focus on what you do best which is interacting with your employees. You can choose the functions that you need and expand it as your organization grows. Most companies start with getting their worker information, payroll and time-keeping done via Odoo. Then you may also add in recruitment automation, HR administration, appraisal and compliance to your current modules. What we offer is a scalable solution that lets you get started immediately so that you can have more time for your other HR tasks.

Odoo for Fast and Stress-Free Fleet Management

Get an easy to operate platform that your staff can access anytime with Odoo. It lets you manage your fleet from purchase up to demolition of damaged vehicles. The functions can be customized according to the needs of the users. Managers and supervisors can allocate or request vehicles with just a touch of a button. Staff can likewise report vehicles in need of servicing or repairs.

About Odooerp.ae

Odoo Customer Survey Management allows you to:

Sort fleet according to location, type, brand, purchase date or assigned department

Document license plate, insurance records and other details

Assign a driver or vehicle temporary owner

Leasing and rental function

Different access level per user

Track fuel consumption and mileage/odometer log

Assign and track work orders

Calculate cost per mile/kilometer

Schedule trips and down times

Schedule preventive maintenance

Compare and analyze service vendors

Record Driver's Log

Odoo e-SIGN

Save time with your contract's evaluation, revision, approval and safekeeping with Odoo.

Waiting for another party to review and sign a document from another part of the country or overseas can take days up to weeks. Good thing Odoo has an eSignature integration. No need to forward a hard copy and wait for the other party to receive the document. This module lets you digitize a contract, agreement or form. Have your Purchase Agreement, Invoices, Employee Contract and vendor documents signed securely within minutes.

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Odoo's Approvals and e-Sign allows you to:

Upload and digitize signatures

Generate an electronic signature within a minute

Send signature request to your customer via email

Track signing request and response

Option to reject or request for contract revision for both parties


The Odoo Approval Module lets your employees submit documents for faster review whether they're on the office or on the road.

Customize all approval requests, get approval notifications, submit a leave and more – all with Odoo. Go paperless and save resources. Get the flexibility to store more personnel approval history unlike before. Since everything is stored online and, in your server, managers and supervisors can easily generate reports and review their processes. No need to go through mountains of leave forms, receipts, charge slips and contracts.

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Odoo's Approvals Module lets you do the following:

Review and approval within minutes

Approve, reject or make personalized notes

Simplify your internal processes

Store and safekeep documents for accounting

Centralize all request for transparency

Request for leaves or business trips

Payment application


Borrow items

Contract approval

Car rental application

Job Referral Award

Test Approval

Odoo Document Management System (DMS)

Share, Revise, Categorize and Archive Documents with Odoo DMS.

Odoo Document Management System lets you streamline your processes and workflow. The fully integrated approval and validation process helps you to get things done at the right time. Scan your documents from your vendors and use it as bills or invoices. No need to create another form or process – fast and easy!

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Odoo's Approvals Module lets you do the following:

Email gateway

Assign document to your customers, vendors or colleagues

Share files with anyone inside or outside the organization

Import and save documents to your hard drive or phone

Generate reports for performance monitoring

Integrate with your Accounting Module and other Odoo apps


Prevent Employee Burnout and Achieve More in Less Time with Odoo Planning Module

Struggling with manual planning, fragmented processes and contradicting schedules? Coordinate your schedules, shifts, tasks and jobs so your company can achieve more without overspending on manpower and resources. Boost your productivity and team objectives faster with a system that tracks and measures your every move. Odoo's Planning Module transform your messy business into a big integrated process.

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Odoo Planning Module helps you to optimize:

Shift scheduling

Job assignments

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Synchronize your company calendar

Track performance versus forecast

Document your achievement in Gantt chart