Your market is getting more and more competitive nowadays. You might even come to a point where your company is handling hundreds of operational decisions in a day, or even in an hour. Such complexity requires considerable time and investment to keep up with your operational demands. But more often than not, upgrading your technology backbone is even more complicated than doing manual labor.

About Odooerp.ae

Odoo helps small and medium-sized businesses to transition from fragmented to an automated ecosystem.

Finally, you don’t have to spend a lot of time updating data on multiple applications. Odoo gives you one scalable platform where you can automate every facet of your operation. Since Odoo has thousands of small apps that talks to each other, all your data points get updated all at once. Likewise, subscribing to multiple technology costs a lot of money monthly. With Odoo, you can ditch expensive subscriptions and apps.

Stop time-consuming and error-prone manual data updating. Let Odoo manage your data so you can focus on making wise business decisions.

Call us to discover how Odoo can save you a lot of time and money, so you can focus on your core operations.

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Odoo Purchase

Odoo Email Marketing and Campaign builder lets you:

3-Way Bill Matching – Pay accurate bill every single time by comparing the Purchase Order, Vendor Bill and Receipt all in one screen.

Purchase Tender – Compare vendor propositions so you can choose the best offer.

Report Function – Analyze the quality of your vendors using various criteria and generate reports in just a few clicks.

Blanket Order – Buy goods from a specific supplier at a negotiated discount price on a recurring basis. No need to input data, saving you time.

Request for Quotation Features:

Create personalized Request for Quotations for each supplier

One-click sending of RFQs via email. You can also send it via post, all inside the app.

Send out RFQs for multiple items all at the same time.

Set up RFQ schedule and have the app send them automatically depending on stock levels.

Add product variants, customize packages and display according to attributes

Odoo Inventory

Whether you have a single warehouse or multiple warehouses spread across the country or overseas, Odoo Inventory makes your peoples’ jobs easier.

Odoo Inventory automatically integrates all of your basic warehouse and logistic operations such as inventory count, shipment management, delivery orders, packing, transferring, and replenishment strategy.

Your warehouse managers can easily control transactions internally and across various company warehouses. They can personalize different units of measure, labels, and even languages to fit the requirements of an international location. Manage to deliver orders in one sitting (Pick + Pack + Ship) without the need to call and confirm with multiple contacts. What’s more, you can also send the products directly to your customers without the need to unload the products to a loading dock or warehouse. You can access manufacturing and sales orders, customize product routes, use bar codes, automate transfers and ensure everything is operating within the prescribed stock levels.

These capabilities help your people to improve inventory efficiency, avoid overstocking and minimize double entry.

Odoo Inventory Module Features:

Full traceability – double-entry inventory management lets you keep track of the product from the supplier to shipment, up to the customer.

Mobile access – Visualize and control your dashboards using a phone or tablet. Scan products in the warehouse using the app barcode scanner.

Scalable – Manage single inventory from a single source or integrate multi-warehouses by activating in-app features.

Automated Inventory Counts – Do inventory for a location, zone, product, or pallet.

Integrate with Your Manufacturing and Repair team – connect apps to manage manufacturing and repair orders

Packing – One-click barcode assign and packing feature.

Stock Transfer – Move products from one warehouse or location to another with just one click of a button.

Cross-Docking – Unload materials and directly transfer to another location with little to no storage and downtime

Drop-shipping – Deliver to recipient customers straight from your supplier, no need to unload and store at your warehouse in-between transactions.

Customer Portal – Gives your customers access to the app so they can track order and delivery status.

Reduce duplicate tasks and get more done in less time with OdooERP.ae

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