Manufacturing Management

Are you looking for ways to boost productivity, speed up processes, cut redundancies, and make decisions faster?

Thousands of manufacturing companies worldwide are now automating time-consuming steps and improving lead time from order to delivery with Odoo Manufacturing.

Whenever you need a precise manufacturing environment that needs to run nonstop or software that can adapt as you continually improve your processes, Odoo got you covered.


Odoo is not just a software or a tool. Odoo is an all-in-one-system that simplifies your process. It makes your peoples' jobs easier

Odoo Manufacturing integrates order management, warehousing, stocks, production, quality and delivery – so everything runs as one system that updates in real-time with every movement.

Optimize your manhours, machinery, materials, and tools by monitoring how each part of the process contributes to the overall product flow. Get a clear view of each department's planning. Schedule your assembly lines and accomplish requests in time.

Redesign or try new things to speed up operations; with Odoo you can measure efficiency and realign as you go. Odoo helps operation managers and supervisors to measure KPI and spot downtimes before it affects the overall production process.

Satisfy your customers' quality requirements while staying on track with all your deliverables. Predict output and maximize your resources with Odoo's end-to-end systems. Odoo's manufacturing modules pull all the process elements together and present them to you in an intuitive dashboard.

Odoo helps you to run a successful production business

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With Odoo, you can optimize

Order Processing

Creation of Bills of Materials

Processing of Manufacturing Orders

Managing BoMs for product variants

Work Orders

Make-to-Order Rules

Using an Alternative Work Center

Unbuilding of a Product

Integration of Supply Chain

Master Production Schedule

Customer Service

Track Maintenance

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