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Customers nowadays are getting more and more demanding.

They expect you to stock up on their favorite products in your physical stores. They also hope to see and buy the products online. They want enough choices and personalized service. They expect to receive the products immediately and be given the option to return or exchange them whenever they see fit. They demand full visibility and a transparent ordering process.

Ticking off all these boxes can be challenging, especially if you have to do everything manually. No wonder retail store owners always say that keeping up with the business is difficult, especially if you have to communicate with your customers across various platforms.

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As a retail business owner, you don't want to spend large sums of money to automate your store.

But you also realize that your staff needs some tools to make their jobs easier. You need a reliable platform to fulfill orders, monitor performance, track shipments, and measure profit. Likewise, you need to do invoicing, accounting, and handle multiple POS. Doing all these tasks separately take up a lot of time and money. Also, relying on your workforce without a tool to do check and balance can put you at risk for errors and missed tasks.

Odoo Retail Management System gives you a solid foundation. It grows with you and provides you the scalability that you want. Migrating into a sophisticated platform can be challenging for your staff. You don't want your people to struggle with learning a new technology that can only make their tasks more complicated. Odoo is the world's most user-friendly platform.

Odoo lets you create new products, configure it in the POS system, upload it online, reorder, schedule transfers, monitor shipment, produce reports, update your accounting, and more.

With Odoo, you don't need to spend huge money to integrate and automate. Odoo is a tool that connects every moving part of your retail store processes. And like a piece of well-oiled machinery, Odoo communicates with each part of the business. When one process moves, another part gets also updated in real-time. Every change and movement becomes visible with Odoo's all-in-one platform.

Odoo's integration and real-time updating help you to see the weakest and strongest parts of your retail operations. You can now identify the bottlenecks and improve your cycle times. With Odoo, you can monitor every aspect of your retail business all on your computer or mobile screen.

Odoo runs your store so you can focus on selling excellent products. Want to discover how Odoo can help your retail business?

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Odoo for Retail helps you to optimize:

Retail Inventory

Vendor Management

Online Store and Physical Shop


Automatic Reordering and Purchasing

Full traceability

Reports in Graphs, Charts & Templates

Loyalty Management

Gift Voucher / Redemption

Seasonal Campaigns

Discount Coupons

Product Promotion

Point of Sale (POS)

Serial number and bar codes tracking


Accounting and Budgeting

Email Integration

Human Resources

Commission Management

Social Media Integration

Let Odoo manage the most time-consuming parts of your retail business. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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