Boost your sales and automate your daily store processes without delay.

Selling an item at a time is easy. But what if you have to sell hundreds of items with various discounts and promotions? How can you keep track of inventory, invoices and customer care all at once?

Odoo helps small and medium-sized businesses to easily manage stocks, promotions, after sales, invoices and quotations. And as another benefit, Odoo Sales integrates with other Odoo modules so you can also automate languages, logistics, shipping, social media marketing and accounting, all in one place.


Odoo: The Best Solution for Storefront and Online Sales

A the preferred Odoo Gold Partner for the MENA Region, we help SMEs and international brands to streamline their sales. With Odoo’s Sales Management module, its now possible to monitor and control your company's entire sales and support operations in a single screen.

We are on the business to help your people do their jobs faster and better.

So instead of your team adjusting to a complicated application, Odoo works around to simplify your operations. Odoo is flexible enough to adjust according to your requirements. Our implementation system is also cost-efficient so you can transition at the least time and cost possible.

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Convert your market opportunity into sales with Odoo.

Odoo helps you to coordinate with your logistics and suppliers without leaving the app. You can also send a quotation to your client all at one click. Your team can send invoices locally and even internationally and follow up their status without doing any paperwork or calls. And if you are also selling in Amazon and eBay, you can connect Odoo so that all your systems work as one well-oiled sales machine.

Remove redundancy and prevent human errors with Odoo.

You can easily add a new product or customer in Odoo with a simple drop-down menu and edit option. Odoo’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for your staff to understand and work around the app without technical assistance. You can also make upsells or add another product for a specific quotation to fit your customer’s needs.

Odoo's Sales Management helps you to optimize and automate your:

Quotations via email

Discounts and Promotions

Product variants

Down payments

Invoice based on time or project milestones

Payment and confirmation




Tracking history per transaction

Shipment and delivery methods

Terms and conditions

Languages for international transactions

Foreign currencies adjustment

Tax and import fees as add-ons

Sales activity and revenue

Performance per salesperson or location

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