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    Manage & Track Your Business with Odoo ERP, Optimize ROI by Integrating Your Business Functions, Skim Off Redundancies.

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    OdooErp applies Industry knowledge and global experience to transform your business.



    Our Odoo developers understand industries Insideout and help you with fresh ideas to revolutionalize your business.



    OdooErp differentiator is our innovative approach in developing software and tailored outsourcing services.

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    We have built the world's largest ecosystem of fully integrated business apps for industry professionals with Odoo Customization making operations more efficient, productive, and profitable. The Unique Framework and Modern design allow our Odoo developers to ensure each component is designed with top-notch usability across all integrated apps. OdooERP software emerges as most recommended erp software around the globe

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    Here are some CASE STUDIES from our well-pleased clients who skipped the trial and error phase and Stayed ahead performance in real-time

    Eurovets Veterinary Medicines LLC (Dubai, UAE)

    Eurovets is the leading wholesale distributor of veterinary supplies in the UAE, they shifted from SAP Business One to Odoo Community for FLEXIBLE ERP OPTION. Rising business opportunities and the client base called for an upgrade. A productive B2B e-commerce site was set up on the Odoo platform successfully solving medical inventory concerns. Eurovets were able to automate their promotional push for products, forecast the inventory needs based on the demand and Lead Nurturing.

    Oakland Odoo's Gold Partners assisted Eurovets with OdooERP system holding valuable features of user-friendly and intuitive design, so the team can adapt smoothly. Additionally, to scale up as the business grows by automating the process, so Eurovets can focus on achieving their business goals.

    MoTEC (Dubai, UAE)

    MoTeC grown from home workshop to a world leader in aftermarket engine management, data logging hardware, color displays, and power distribution solutions. MoTec was looking for a software tool to accommodate all business functions and allow for smooth management across all Middle East distribution points.

    Brigita the sales manager was skeptical about Erp system. But OdooErp understood the business process required for Motec operations and implemented Apps like inventory app to track the parts, sales app for quotation generation and accounting app to track profits and daily report generation. Additionally, Project and Notes App for Project management. OdooERP has optimized operations of overall organization and structure brought to the team allowed for real tangible results. With the successful installation of Odoo, Brigita is excited looking forward to installing the HR apps available for better employee management.

    "It's a beautiful system. Odoo made my life so much easier at work! I have much more free time to focus on things that truly matter to the business. Everything is there, everything is done and calculated for me. It simplified our business." - Brigita

    Explore how we Implement and maintain an intuitive ERP system that's easy to operate so you can focus on your core business.

    EVENTS Archive

    Odoo ERP event photo with mohammed ibrahim
    Odoo ERP event photo with mohammed ibrahim
    Odoo ERP event photo with mohammed ibrahim
    Odoo ERP event photo with mohammed ibrahim

    Commonly Asked Questions

    The Calculation of odoo implementation depends on the number of users and modules used by the organization. Following are three points to understand the Odoo pricing:

    • The cost of an Enterprise contract is paid annually.
    • Project implementation cost before going live.
    • Maintenance Cost

    OdooeErp assists you properly leverage your committed internal resources, evolve your business systems and processes, and capitalize on your new ERP system.

    Hiring a Erp service provider with extensive knowledge along with experience of working with companies as yours, helps you to establish initial & Long-term successful relation.

    Learn about our company's projects implemented, Experience of team, Complicated Project handled, Verticals or similar industry, Client references from the category page of Odoo Partner at the official page of Odoo.

    OdooERP is the dynamic community of consultants, integrators, customization shops and support the chosen ERP solution, too. company's self-evaluation efforts help to employ a successful ERP selection we offer support that will help you get the most out of your software investment.

    The risk associated with freelancer is high whereas; the cost associated is less compared to Odoo Official partners and vendors. Full-Fledged Odoo Implementation cannot be achieved by freelancer as Odoo itself is very vast and half knowledge of freelancer can be hazardous for the project. OdooErp contributes with a dedicated project manager and a skilled team to work on our project.

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