Odoo for Landlords: Streamline your business with property management software for landlords

Real estate is one of the most appealing industries in the UAE. Many investors purchased real estate in Dubai and other emirates to rent it out due to the rising demand for rentals in the UAE. Even though it is a profitable investment, you risk losing money if you don’t have good landlord property management software.

Real estate rental industry experts are aware of how challenging property management can be. Today, if you want to work effectively, you need property management software for landlords.

What is property management software?

Property management software is a tool that helps landlords and property managers manage their properties and renters more efficiently. The software often offers a variety of features and tools that help automate and expedite different property management processes such as rent collection, lease administration, accounting, and maintenance scheduling.

The benefits of property management programs

Using property management software has a set of important benefits for landlords. This software simplifies their tasks and help them keep the work flowing smoothly. Here are some of the advantages you get from using the software:

  1. Streamlining communication: Making it straightforward for landlords, tenants, and maintenance personnel to communicate.
  2. Automating tasks: It can automatically conduct various recurring processes, saving you time and reducing error margins.
  3. Increasing efficiency: You will do more in less time by automating operations and optimizing workflows.
  4. Improving financial management: The ability to create financial reports and invoices and track spending and income to assist you in better managing your property’s finances.

Is Odoo a property management software?

Odoo is not a property management software, it is more than that. Odoo is a system that can be formed into whatever you need. It is possible to create a unique system with all the features you may need for property management.

Odoo consists of a variety of apps that are designed with simple and easy UI and useful features. After realizing what your business needs, you can have an Odoo ERP system with all the features you may need for your work.

How can Odoo help you get best property management software for landlords

Is it smart to ask Odoo to develop a property management system when there are tens, if not hundreds, of ready-made and already accessible apps on the market? Yes, absolutely.

The main disadvantage of ready-made software is that it is ready-made. It is a general answer to a specific problem. When the developers constructed the program, they did it for all the rental firms. Odoo, on the other hand, creates the software for you.

Odoo understands that the requirements and objectives of small landlords differ from those of large landlords who control hundreds or thousands of properties. Odoo property management software is adapted to your specific needs.

To illustrate the abilities of Odoo, here are some of the features of Odoo property management software for landlords:

  1. Property management feature: it allows you to track several properties and analyze occupancy and financial data separately or as a group.
  2. A calendar: you can use the calendar to schedule property showings, maintenance and repairs, and other operations.
  3. A tenant portal: it is the best way to connect tenants with the landlord fast and easily. tenants can use the portal to read their lease, pay their rent, and request maintenance.
  4. Accounting: unlike companies, landlords do not have accounting teams or, at most, one accountant to help with the accounting. The accounting app can help the landlord reduce costs and handle financials better.
  5. Reminders and notifications: Odoo system can analyze the dates and data from contracts and use them to list important dates such as rent collection dates, maintenance dates, and more.
  6. Reports: Odoo provides instant reports and statistics. They are vital to landlords as they can provide them with the information they need to know about their business performance

How to get the best property management software for landlords from Odoo?

The steps to get the best property management software are simple.

  1. Contact OdooERP via WhatsApp or Email and provide us with your contact information and your business information.
  2. We will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the challenges you have and how can we address them
  3. We will build the software for you
  4. We will implement the system for you
  5. Get training from our team
  6. Enjoy the boost for your business

How can asset maintenance management software boost your business

Maintenance is an essential part of every real estate company. Properties constantly need maintenance to keep them in good conditions and prevent serious malfunctions. Until recently, most of the companies were using excel sheets and paper to manage maintenance. Now, they started shifting to asset maintenance management software.

How can asset maintenance management software boost your business

Being here, reading this blog means that you are either planning to follow their lead, or trying to find out if it is worth it, and assessing your options. Continue reading and allow us to tell you all what you need to about maintenance management system software.

What is asset maintenance management software?

Asset maintenance management software, or property management maintenance software is a software that is used by real estate and property management companies to manage and organize maintenance and ensure all their properties remain in good condition.

The novel property management maintenance software provides easier tools for management and organization. Using this software could replace several separate tools and help speed up the work flow.

Why it is important to use building management system maintenance

Recent surveys show that 70% of UAE residents prefer renting a property over buying one even with the drop of real estate prices during the past years. In 2022, it was estimated that there are over 1 million properties rented across the country.

To those who work in the real estate industry, those numbers resemble opportunities for business growth. Yet, such growth must be built over two pillars, keeping properties in good condition, and keeping the tenants satisfied with the service. Both require high quality maintenance.

Asset maintenance management software benefits

Using building management system maintenance is not only about getting the job done, you can do that with the old tools. It is mainly about getting the job done faster and more effectively. property management maintenance software can help you optimize performance and increase the efficiency and here is how they can do that:

  1. Improved data monitoring and analysis: With a large table of tens or hundreds of cells, it is easy to miss the maintenance of one or some of the properties. This software has the solution, it can track the progress of the work, notify you about uncomplete work, and tell you when something is due soon.
  • Improved effectiveness: Like we said before, it is not only about getting the job done, it is about do it faster and better. Building management system maintenance allow you to do more with the same effort. This way, the employees can finish their work faster giving them more time to do more with the time saved.
    The key to improving effectiveness is automation. When you set the rules, the system automatically performs the routine tasks saving you the time and effort that are wasted usually on manual work.
  • Proper communication: getting a maintenance management system software means that all of the maintenance team will be using the same platform. Being able to see more information will allow the teams to make the right decisions when needed, and act the right way when something comes up.
    Additionally, other department can use the information provided by the system faster which can improve the performance of the firm.
  • Increased compliance: The software can help the company improve their compliance to the regulation and terms agreed upon in the contracts. This can be achieved by sending notifications and reminders about the due dates and deadlines.
  • Cost reduction: It can help cut costs in a number of different ways. The work will be completed with the same efforts and without the need for outside assistance since the efficiency is improved. Avoiding fines and penalties for missing deadlines is another approach.

Why request asset maintenance management software from Odoo

The next question that will pop into your mind next is why should I take the software from Odoo? You are probably saying to yourself, there are plenty of ready-made property management maintenance software. Let me just buy one of them and use it, and yes you can do that. However, here is some things to consider beforehand:

  • Ready made software does not fulfil all your needs: When the software is made, it was designed to solve the general problems that every company has. When you use of them, you will probably still be needing to use other software
  • You can not customize or adjust: Odoo offers more customization to your company, if you need to add an extra feature, or change something in the system all you have to do is ask and we will do it.
  • Excellent support: Oakland has been providing Odoo solutions for about two decades now. We have been always known for our outstanding support to our clients whenever needed.

What makes Odoo special, is that we tailor the system for your needs, and make sure it serves you well longer. We are always here for any questions you may have. Just contact us and we would be very happy to help.

Get the best contract data management system from Odoo

Having a contract data management system should be the priority to every real estate company owner or manager. Today, relying on spread sheets and calendar apps is only a digitization of papers.

Small or medium real estate company in the UAE could deal with an average of 100 contracts per year. Using obsolete methods to manage them is a slow way to kill the business. You are only creating bigger room for errors, wasting employees time on manual work, and being left behind while competitors take control over the market.

Why do real estate companies need contract management solutions

A contract is a paper with a list of rights and responsibilities for real estate companies and the customers. Each new contract whether it is for a property sale or rent, will include:

  • Paying instalments for bought property
  • Collecting rent money from tenants
  • Making repairs in properties
  • Performing regular maintenance
  • Renewing contracts

Ensuring compliance is essential for both parties. Late payments from the customers could cause legal problems or fines. Delayed services lead unhappy customers and creates bad advertisement for the company.

What is a contract data management system?

contract data management system is a software that is used to facilitate contract and clauses management. The software can be used to:

  1. Create new contracts
  2. Manage contracts lifecycles
  3. Store existing contracts in an organized way
  4. Make the existing data available for all the team
  5. Collect customers data from the contracts

Benefits of contract data management system

Since getting a contract data management system is not free, you will certainly ask why do I need a contract management system? Or what will I get from implementing the system in my company.

There are different advantages for the management systems, they include:

Improved lifecycle tracking and management

The system tracks the lifecycle of each contract for you, notifies you when there is something needs to be done. The system can detect dates from contracts and create events accordingly with notifications and reminders.

It can automatically tell you when it is the time to pay the contractors. It will remind you that you need to get the apartment in the new building painted by next week. You will have an organized schedule of payments dates the moment you create the contract in the system; thus, you will get rid of the fines and fees due to not meeting the deadlines.

Centralized database for contracts

The main advantage in contract management solutions is having a centralized repository for contracts. The system allows all the teams to access the needed information all the time.

The maintenance team can get the list of the properties that needs work, the sales team can tell know when properties are due to be handed over.

With a single source of information, the error from transferring data are eliminated or reduced. The time spent on data entry is also minimized to give employees more time to do other tasks.

Enhance compliance

Compliance is crucial to real estate companies. Failure to comply with the deadlines comes with high costs, thus the late party has to pay a compensation. Studies show that about 9% of the revenue can be lost due to failure to compliance per annum.

Contract data management system increase the speed rate for employees, reduces the chances of forgetting tasks due to deadlines, provides a clear calendar for payment dates and more. It does not force compliance, but makes it easier to comply with clauses.

Why choose Odoo for contract data management system

You may ask yourself, why do I need to have my system made by Odoo when there are already many several systems available in the market? Or what are the benefits of having contract data management system from Odoo

Here are some of the benefits and advantages:

  1. Customization: Odoo allow you to have the software modified to meet your needs. Odoo developers works on your software to tailor it for you.
  2. User friendly interface: Easy to use UI is important to avoid productivity fall while your employees are shifting to the new software. Odoo UI is simple, and allows you to perform fast.
  3. Support: Odoo support team is with you all the time to help you to overcome any problem you may face.
  4. Cost effectiveness: the cost of implementing Odoo depends on how many users you have and the features you need. You will only pay for what you need as Odoo help you ward off unnecessary expenses.

Hence, when you ask, what is the best contract management software? We can simply say Odoo systems is the best for you because we will make sure they be so. WhatsApp us, or Request a call if you have any

How can Real estate ERP systems improve lease management

The UAE is land of the dreams, people each year thousands travel to Dubai or Sharjah to find better paying jobs with respected companies. People who are pursue opportunities usually prefer to lease a house while they are in the UAE. Leasing a house is cheaper options and provides more flexibility to the tenant thus it is the most common choice.

Due to this high demand, some real estate companies may have to handle hundreds of leases monthly. Dealing with these big numbers is no easy task, even for big companies. Many companies may face challenges while managing leases.

what do property management companies do?

Real estate agents know exactly how challenging rental management can be. Rental management involves handling the needs of both land lords, and tenants. The required tasks may include the following:

  • Managing the leases and documents related to the properties: handling the paperwork for hundreds of properties is a hard and time-consuming task.
  • Dealing with tenants’ request: Tenants may have different needs and request all the time. Th real estate company needs to make sure the address them properly to keep them pleased
  • Maintenance: rent contracts usually involve free maintenance. Real estate agents have to deal with maintenance request all the time to fix any malfunction and ensure the property remain in good condition.
  • Rent collecting: contracts vary when it comes to paying the rent. The payment may be required monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It is the duty of the real estate company to keep track of each contract and collect the money accordingly.
  • Contract renewal: Contracts need to be renewed or terminated upon expiry. Contract renewal can be a bit challenging because it can involve changes in some terms such as the amount of rent.

Property management software

At the age of technology, real estate agents shifted to spread sheets, note apps on the mobile, SMS and WhatsApp messaging only to find out they do not help much. The best alternative is using property management software.

What is property management software?

A special software designed to meet the fulfill the need of real estate companies. Property management software offer a variety of features to manage the companies tasks and deal with tenants and landlords.

What is the best property management software

Looking for the best property management software for small business or for commercial properties is not as easy as you would think. The available software in the market is mostly readymade and designed to address general challenges. they can help you in general but they are not sufficient to get all the work done. You will need to buy and subscribe in additional software to meet all your needs.

Property management system software from Odoo

To provide the best property management solution for real estate companies in Dubai and the whole UAE, Odoo focused more on customization. Odoo knows that each company has its unique challenges and problems that it needs to face.

Unique problems require exclusive solution. Solutions that are tailored just for your business delivers the best results.

How can Odoo real estate rental management software improves lease management

Odoo ERP systems are designed to provide the best solutions for business growth. They implement automation and integrate different module allow faster task completion. Odoo ERR for real estate businesses can help with lease management by:

  1. Drafting and negotiating leases: Odoo ERP provides a library of ready templates to use for easier and faster lease and contract drafting. You can also edit the lease to meet any new agreements made with the tenants and the landlord.
  2. Collecting payments: When you create the contract in the system, you will get a reminder to collect the payments when the time comes. Afterwards, the system creates invoices as a proof of payment.
  3. Handling maintenance: Odoo ERP system for real estate business offers different means to help with maintenance. Create easier ways for reporting malfunctions and requesting repairs, and store the problem in specific sheet that can assign the task automatically to maintenance team. You can also add a feature to track the location for maintenance team to check that they went to the perform the repairs.
  4. Store tenants’ info: the system can save all the recent data about the tenant. When you employees can have all the data they need instead of wasting time waiting for clients response.
  5. Provide the data for all the employees: everyone will be working on the same platform, they will all have access to the important data, and use it when needed.
  6. Monitor the progress: the company can monitor their teams’ performance. Knowing that the work flow is monitored is a good motivation to improve work efficiency.

Why should I use Odoo for lease management?

If you are in the market for a real estate rental management software, then you already know that there are different ERP systems that are already available in the market to choose from. You may be already using one right now. If this is the case you may ask yourself, why should I shift to Odoo? Here is a small list of reasons:

  1. No monthly subscription: Unlike many other real estate software, Odoo ERP does not require any monthly subscriptions. You are only required to pay for implementation and maintenance and you are done
  2. No need to pay per property: Your system allows you to manage your properties regardless of how many properties you have.
  3. Good maintenance and customer service: when you implement the system with Odoo partner, you will receive customer support from them. They are responsible for fixing any problems related to the system.
  4. User friendly interface: Odoo has a user friendly, easy-to-use UI. Easy to use interface will prevent customers and employees from finding other ways to get to you.

Odoo has been helping different real estate agencies and companies all over the world. They provide the ultimate solution that fulfills all the needs of your company, you only need to tell us a little bit about your business and we will find a way to automate the tasks and get it done faster.

3 ways to Odoo Real Estate Software boost house sales

The boom in housing demand in the UAE and Dubai has increased the number of real estate companies. Tens of real estate companies are created each year in the country. Each of them has to face fierce marketing competition and survive it. Even the old reputed companies must work hard to keep up with the competition. But did you ever think that real estate software may be the solution to your problems? 

Why do real estate companies suffer from marketing 

Everyone should come prepared with good plans and tools in a game with big names. Real estate companies must have good reputations and constantly work on maintaining them. Unfortunately, some agencies fall into the trap of bad marketing, and here are some reasons. 

1- Neglecting social media: social media is an essential part of our everyday lives today. We spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other platforms. Every platform has many potential clients willing to buy or rent at any moment. When you neglect how much customers value their favorite platforms, you risk losing them to competitors who don’t. 

2- Poor customer service: real estate businesses should always be customer focused. Maintaining customer satisfaction keeps the clients loyal to the company. Loyal customers come back to do business with you. Moreover, they give you free advertisements and bring you more customers.

3- Not being able to analyze data: No strategy plan fits every company and situation. What works for others may not serve you well, and what may be good today could become useless tomorrow. Not being able to analyze the plan to know what is working and what is not affects how well the plan is going.

Real Estate Software Solutions for marketing

Innovative and modern solutions for marketing problems of real estate companies require the proper tools. Sufficient instruments simplify the application of the right plan. Here are some of the ways Odoo systems and tools can help improve marketing campaigns:

Social media integration

Every social media platform should count. A neglected one always has lost opportunities. ERP provides tools to integrate with social media platforms to make it easier for the company to remain active and interact with its customers. The system provides different tools to help boost social media presence and marketing, such as:

Analytic tools: They can help the company track performance in real-time. This means that they know how well their campaigns are going, how many people they got to, how many are responding to them, how effective their methods are on each social media, etc. 

Social media customer service tools: People prefer using social media over calls to communicate with businesses. Real estate CRM software and tools provide a way to see all requests and inquiries and respond to them from one place. It is a good solution to replying late to clients.

Lead Generation 

Odoo takes leads generation to the next level. Odoo tools can help you build a useful database for the company. These databases provide the company with lists of possible clients with enough information to enhance deal closing. Some of the ways to use Odoo for generating leads: 

  • Provide tools to capture information: they help you to collect vital data such as contact info and location. 
  • Simple lead management system: leads can be converted to buyers with the help of the right tools and methods. Real estate ERP software from Odoo offers simple systems to manage leads and distribute them to team members. 
  • Effective evaluation system: it is not possible to convert every lead to a client, but everyone has a chance to be. You can rank them based on their interest levels to help you deal with them based on their interest levels. 

Email marketing campaigns 

Email marketing is an amazing marketing tool. It is free, easy to use, and very effective. Sending emails to your current clients will keep them in touch with the company. Sending emails to potential clients may convince them to contact you or maybe create an easy advertisement. 

How can make email marketing more efficient? 

  • Templates Library: Odoo has a range of ready-to-use templates to use in your campaigns. Using these samples saves time and effort and makes the email look more professional. 
  • Automation tools enable the firm to send more emails faster while the employees have more time to respond and deal with clients to close more deals. 
  • Emails segmentation: you can create the lists based on the location, budget, or any other factor

Odoo offers unlimited potential to help real estate businesses boost their marketing strategies. What is more, you can customize the software to fit your needs. You can get the best real estate software in UAE made for you from Odoo. Just send us a message on WhatsApp or fill out the form here.

5 Reasons why real estate ERP system can prevent failure

Real estate business is booming in the UAE. The high housing demand has attracted investors worldwide. New and old real estate companies are already competing to meet the increasing demand. Real estate market is fierce and brutal. Over 3000 are competing to control. It is usual to see fresh and even known real estate companies fall down. Real estate failure is an old problem; to avoid it today, you need novel solutions like a real estate ERP system.

What are the significant reasons for real estate failure? How can ERP systems help fix the problem? Let us find out together.

Lack of funds

Real estate business can generate significant revenue. However, they also have enormous expenses. Real estate companies have to pay for property maintenance, employees’ wages, advertisement, administrative costs, etc.

For new companies, the issue can be not having enough capital. For existing ones, funds issues can appear when the expenses are higher. High expenses can result from a variety of factors, like a decrease in closing rates and inefficiency at work.

Implementing an ERP system for your real estate company provides a solution for financial problems. ERP increases efficiency, allowing better utilization of your resources. A study of the effect of ERP implementation on the system showed a reduction of 22% in administrative costs and 23% in operational costs.

Few leads are generated

Real estate companies’ work involves selling, buying, and renting properties; sometimes, you can add property management. The company’s job is to find a house for clients interested in purchasing and buyers for property owners. They get paid for every purchase or sale they close. Therefore, they need to have more leads coming.

The old-fashioned mouth-to-mouth advertisement is still used, but it is less reliable than before. People have changed their ways of looking for properties. Thus, real estate companies must follow. Investing in marketing is a must for any real estate company. Marketing expands the market for the company and finds better leads constantly.

The next-level challenge is to have a better marketing strategy than the competitors’. ERP systems provide real estate companies with vital information and reports to analyze sales, identify trends, and hence create well-planned strategies. Furthermore, ERP accelerates the decision-making process. Hence, the marketing plan can be applied faster to harvest more leads first.

Poor customer relationship management

In the real estate industry, the business relies mainly on relationships with clients. Client satisfaction and trust are the elements they need to stay loyal to the company. Agents know they should follow up with customers constantly, yet, many reasons can prevent them from doing so, like not being able to find the phone number or forgetting about the client’s requests. Ignoring the client has an imperative result; they leave for other companies with better customer service.

ERP solution for real estate involves a good CRM system. CRM allows you to have all customer information gathered in a single platform. This involves contact information, deals and transaction details, and their requests. You can have access to all this information and respond faster while you talk to them, giving them a sense of being valued.

CRM tools allow sleek follow-up with clients even after the deal is closed. They provide new methods that save time, such as email campaigns or sending WhatsApp messages. CRM also provides straightforward means for the client to request services from the company.

Hiring the wrong people

Businesses such as real estate are built on trust and connection. Agents must work like a charm to give clients what they want and keep them happy. The secret here lies within the agents themselves; they have to know how to deal with clients in a way that they remain comfortable.

High salaries and good benefits of real estate jobs attract many people who know nothing about the ABCs of the real estate industry. HR departments usually have specific requirements for choosing employees, but when they choose the wrong people, the whole business feels the hit.

It is hard to find suitable candidates among tens or even hundreds. The process involves many stages and steps. ERP systems have the tools to organize and simplify them. You can be confident that you have the right team with you on your way.

Poor employee management

Passion is the fire that lights the way to success. Happy employees often perform better and score more. On the contrary, employees’ performance drops when they feel uncomfortable in their work environment.

Working on providing a pleasant work environment is an essential task for the HR department. Enhancing the workplace can be made easier with the right tools. ERP HR modules have different tools to evaluate performance, track and reward good results, and more. The environment will reflect itself on the results and increase the sense of loyalty to the company.

For more information about real estate ERP software and CRM, or if you have any questions. You can contact the Odoo team. We are always happy to help!

6 benefits for real estate ERP system

Real estate business is one of the major businesses in the UAE. The high demand has created a very competitive market. Thousands of real estate companies and agencies are competing to have a larger share. Yet, only few of them are using real estate ERP system.

ERP systems, or Enterprise resource planning systems are the present and the future for business management. Here are some of the benefits of ERP software for real estate company.

  • Automates all the work

There are a lot of data and information needed in the different departments of real estate companies. The old methods take a lot of time to get the job done. Furthermore, the more manual work you have, the more mistakes you can make.

How can real estate ERP system help? The answer is automation. The system will alter any data that is related to the information you change. If an apartment was rented to a customer, the system can take this apartment from the list of available properties, create dates for the rent collection, add the rent to the company revenue, etc.

ERP allow you to have several tasks done automatically in matter of seconds. Just add few information, some clicks and the system takes care of the rest.

  • Keeps your data in one place

A typical real estate company have different departments like sales, contracts, financial, legal, human resources, and business development. Each department always need information and data from the others. In a traditional module, it takes a lot of time and effort to communicate with other departments. Bad communications slow the work flow which is bad for the business.

ERP systems provides one platform to store all the information where every employee can access. Departments can have access to the information at real time. Monitoring the work flow speed can influence how the teams have to adapt and alter their working pace.

  • ERP Strengthen the relationship with the client

To have a successful real estate company in the UAE, you need to have a good connection with the clients. With many competitors out there trying to steal your clients, you need to make sure you have them with you till the closing of the deal. How to do this? Stay connected with them via CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) keeps you connected with the clients. You can have their information easily, arrange them into the right lists. In other words, the system help you stay on the same page with the clients and keep them happy. Satisfied customers means more closed deals, more revenue, and maybe some referral to other prospects.

  • Lowers the expenses

Profiting business model has more revenues and less expenses. Growing the gap between them is the key to increase your earnings. How to do that? Increase your revenue, decrease the expenses or both.

Real estate ERP systems lowers the expenses in different ways. It can alert the company when a new property is available to provide the needed maintenance and rent it sooner. The company dispense of different software and platforms they use to mange their work and use only one system. The most important part, is the system increases the efficiency of the employees therefore they will work faster which saves more money and generates more revenue.

  • Improve the decision-making process

Decision making is the toughest part of management. Choosing the right path of the company is not as easy as it seems. Yet, with better data the image begets clearer. When ERP systems keep all the data organized in one place, it is easier to have access the them and analyze them.

Good ERP software for real estate company provide all the information you need. You get to know who your best customers are, what divisions are making you the most money, when are the best times for business, and more.

  • Enhances marketing strategies

ERP systems can improve marketing strategies in multiple ways. First of all, ERP gives them easy access on the current customers information to build a good strategy and know their targeted audience. Then it gives them clearer data of the market and the prices which is essential to the strategy.

What is the best real estate ERP software?

Due to the cost needed to implement the ERP system and the time needed to do that, Real estate companies want to make sure they choose the right software. The question is how do you choose the best software?

The best real estate ERP software must have:

  1. All the features you need
  2. User friendly interface
  3. Good maintenance service
  4. Customizability for future development

You can either look for one of the available ERP systems, or have an ERP built specifically for you. The available tools have good features, many companies use them already. However, there are always some down sides. Make sure to choose wisely.

Best real estate transaction management software to collect rent on time

Property management companies have the responsibility of collecting rent from tenants and giving it to landlords. With few apartments to manage, it is a simple task. Increase the number to a hundred or more, and you will have a lot of work. 

Many property management companies use spreadsheets and note apps to organize work. Editing sheets with hundreds of cells manually is time-consuming and having notes in a different place is makes it harder to find them. Additionally, there is a big room for error.

What can happen? You may forget to collect a payment from a tenant this month. Another possibility is forgetting the expiration date and having a vacant apartment for a month. How can a property management company address these issues? I suggest you consider using an ERP system asap. 

The benefits of having ERP for the real estate company 

If you are not familiar with the word ERP, it is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource planning. It is a program that corporates usually use to run their businesses more efficiently. Using Enterprise Resource Planning software is a step toward success. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. All the data in one place 
    ERP platform allows you to have all your information in one place. The list of your employees, the products you have, the raw materials stored in your warehouses. The contracts, and more. It is easier to integrate when everything you have is in front of you. 
  2. ERP Improves communications 
    You can get rid of the middleman and make communication easier with ERP. Why would you send messages and emails when you can just assign a task to a member of the team, define the deadline, and add notes in the system
    Furthermore, having the information available to everyone keeps everyone on the same page. Employees from different departments can collaborate to get the work done with each other without having to wait for a message from the management to tell them. 
  3. Automated work 
    People waste hours of their time doing manual work like editing sheets and linking them together. When implementing ERP software for a real estate company, the system can automate most of the work. 
    Let us say a tenant moved out from a house; it can automatically create a task for the maintenance team to check the property and even create an ad that this property is available for rent. 

Benefits of Odoo ERP software for real estate company

Now that you know, Odoo system are tailored to the needs of each business, it is good to ask how can real estate companies benefit from an ERP. What we can say is there are not limits to what an ERP can do. Here are some examples

  • Create contracts easily 

Contracts are essential to sell and rent properties. They provide details about the price, and the date of the contract. The best real estate ERP software can help you create contracts easily. Just fill in the important information and you are ready to go. 

  • Alert when payment is due

The moment you create a contract related to a property, the system automatically creates alerts for the payments. If the payment is not collected, you can have a reminder notification set daily or bi-daily. 

With alerts, you can be certain that you do not miss a payment and never lose any money due to a mistake or bad memory. 

  • Create invoices easily 

Invoices are not only important proof of payments; they are essential to accountants. Odoo ERP system makes it easier to keep track of payments and received money. An ERP software for ش real estate company can have monthly invoices, quarterly, or even yearly, depending on the type of the contract.

Partial payment invoices are possible when the client does not pay the full amount. Partial invoices will remind you about the rest and prevent you from missing the payment.

How to get ERP software for real estate company

If you are looking for ERP software for your company, you are at the right place. Odoo can provide you with the right one. The steps are simple,

  • Go to contact us page
  • Fill in the form
  • Odoo developers will reach out to you

Or you can simply just Call or contact Odoo on WhatsApp by clicking here. Odoo developers are available to help you get the best ERP system for your business.

Get the best real estate ERP software and watch your business grow faster and bigger. We look forward to helping you and having you among our satisfied customers.

Is Odoo the best real estate software in UAE? 

The work in the real estate business is quite hectic. When you have tens or hundreds of properties that you need to manage or sell, taking notes on the phone or using sheets is only consuming your time. This is why you need to consider shifting to real estate software now. 

What is real estate software?

Real estate software, also known as property management software, is a program used to organize and increase the efficiency of property management. Real estate software solutions can improve the communication between landlords, tenants, agents and brokers, track contracts, and organize payments, among other things. 

People need real estate software because it is hard to manage a large number of properties using conventional methods like docs, sheets, WhatsApp groups, and notes. There is a huge margin of error when you have large sheets to fill and check. 

How can Odoo help boost your real estate business?

There is no Real Estate App in Odoo, yet it can be the finest solution for the business. Allow me to show you the capabilities of Odoo.

Present the apartments

You can create an interface with the images, the address, and the description. Furthermore, add the location on the map and maybe a video. 

Odoo can show all the available properties. This lets you know how to plan your work. You can have them categorized by status (sold, rented, booked, available) or by any parameters you may need. 

Track payments

With Odoo, you can manage your revenue and expenses. You can have a list of upcoming payments and see the status of the payment to know who is late and who has sent the money already. You can have another list of expenses and pay your bills on time. 

Track the progress

The power of reports can appear again because the ability to get reports is a key to having good real estate software. Have your statistics in a heartbeat. 

With a few clicks, see how many properties were sold in the past month, how many were rented, and the amount coming from each of them. Let the numbers and figures evaluate how well each business is going, and use the information to overcome your weaknesses. 

Simplify maintenance

How can you call a good real estate software solution with improper maintenance management? You can’t. With Odoo, you can:

  • Make it easy to request maintenance and even let the tenant send a video to clarify the issue. 
  • Follow up on the maintenance status. Monitoring the list according to status prevents any case from being forgotten and maintains the property in good shape.
  • Reduces the maintenance duration. When you have all the maintenance requests organized like this, you can fix everything faster. 

Manage Contracts

There are contracts everywhere when you are in the real estate business. Tenancy contracts, sales contracts, maintenance contracts, etc., keep track of each of them and have an alert when a contract is about to expire. You can also add a way to renew the contract online or whatever you need. 

How to choose real estate software in UAE?

Before using real estate software for your company, stop, and think for a moment. Ask yourself, is this the right system to use? Choosing the wrong system is a waste of money and time. You will have to train your employees only to move to a new one soon. 

When you browse the web, you can see clearly that even satisfied users have issues with the software. Some of them have technical issues that need to be fixed; others may require certain services that are not there. 

We know there is no perfect software, but would it not be great if we could have something tailored only for us? Think about it, property management software made to meet your needs is definitely the best real estate software in UAE for you. 

With Odoo, this is exactly what you get, software that has the features you need and request. Just add any service you need, and the result is easier work and a boost in productivity. 

What makes Odoo a better real estate software

When compared to other software and platforms, Odoo Always has the upper hand. Odoo systems offer a better and more reliable experience. here are a few reasons to go for Odoo 

1-   Odoo system is customizable 

Customization equals power to the management. It means that you are not limited to certain functions the developers thought were enough.

2- Cost-effective prices

Unlike many famous real estate software, Odoo does not require a monthly subscription. After you pay for the project, you are not bound to pay monthly amounts to get the service. 

Furthermore, you do not pay more when you have more properties. Whether you are using the software to manage 100 or 1000 properties does not make a difference.

3- Better support 

Odoo teams continue to work with their clients after implementing the project. Whenever the clients have technical issues, the team will be present to fix them. 

4- User-friendly interface

Tenants, landlords, and brokers can enjoy all the features and tell how to use the software easily. Everything is organized and clear. 

Is Odoo the best real estate software in the UAE? it can be whenever you want to. Just Make an appointment with Odoo developers, and they will come up with the ideal real estate software for you.