Workshop Management System

Do more in less time with Odoo Workshop Management System


Auto Car Workshops can be one of the most profitable service businesses. But just because you have a shop filled with cars doesn't mean that your business is making money. A lot of workshops are currently struggling.

How can you improve your profit margins when you can only handle so much work in one day?

Operating a car workshop is time-consuming. There are a lot of moving parts and only a few people to fill everything. Advertising, attending to customers, and taking in new clients isn't as simple as other industries. You have to keep track of every detail so that nothing falls through the cracks.

How can you ensure effective documentation when your staffs' hands are full?

At, we help car workshops by creating hands-free automation that handles your day-to-day operations

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We implement customized Odoo Car Workshop modules that help auto repair businesses to schedule operations, so you can deliver better customer service.

A well-run operation improves your response time, which enhances your shop reputation. Odoo's intuitive dashboard also allows your technician to check and update the records while preventing documentation errors. Once the system is deployed, your personnel can have sufficient time to make the proper car repairs.

Odoo's flexible and expandable ecosystem can also help you handle and automate your customer service, parts inventory, sales, emails, documentation, and reporting. Our team of implementation experts will customize the modules to fit your unique processes at a cost-efficient price for your business.

Odoo helps you to optimize your:

Garage Management

Sales and Costing Process

Service History

Invoices and Payments

Levels of access for your staff

Service tracking for your customer

Automated job cards

Customer updates

Purchase Orders tracking

Payment register

Human Resources

Stock movement

Reports and Compliance


Garage Management

Sales and Costing Process

Make your business less complicated, prevent errors, and track all processes with Odoo. Discover how Odoo can help you run your car workshop on auto-pilot.

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