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February 4, 2023
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Construction Management Software from Odoo

Construction companies usually utilize construction management software to organize their operations and keep track of their plans. This software can be essential to help them optimize performance and finish the job on time and according the required standards.

The construction industry is A complex and challenging field. It is impossible to compete in the industry today without working smart and fast. Every stage of construction projects should be well planned and implemented correctly to ensure everything follows the desired standards.

What is Construction Management Software?

Construction management software is a computer program with a set of tools to help construction companies operate more effectively. The features and properties vary from a software to another, yet they all provide a single platform to store and manage data and information related to projects.

Construction project management solutions may have a plenty of other tools that serves other purposes such as providing effective ways for communication, monitoring the progress of work and more.

What is Odoo’s Construction Management Software?

Odoo’s construction management software is a cloud based comprehensive solution that is designed for companies and firms in the construction industry. It is equipped with many tools and modules that provide features necessary to the operations in the construction industry.

Using odoo’s construction management software enable companies manage projects from the first step till they are ready for the handover. With the extensive range of features and tools, construction companies to manage all the aspects of the projects including planning, budgeting, resource allocation, project management, and procurement.

Features of Odoo’s Construction Management Software

What makes odoo’s construction management software special is that it is always unique. The software is shaped to meet the requirements of each construction company. However, the capabilities of odoo system are:

1- Project Planning and Management

Odoo’s construction management software includes a range of project planning and management tools. Those tools help you increase the efficiency of your project management. They enable you set budgets ensure remaining within it, allocate resources and track the progress of work at any given time.

2- Budget Management

Odoo’s cloud-based construction project management software can help you stay within the budget. It allows you to track your spendings and find the best prices for raw materials and purchases. Additionally, the cloud-based construction management software helps manage contracts efficiently to increase your compliance and save you the fines.

3- Resource Allocation

Odoo cloud based construction project management software allow you to manage appropriately. you can allocate your resources to make the best of them all without wasting effort or money. Allocating resources correctly is the key to project management.

4- Procurement Management

Construction projects requires buying different raw materials, such as sand, tiles, glass, etc. Odoo’s cloud-based construction project management software enables companies to find suppliers with best prices at ease. Additionally, you can track deliveries and arrange operations to take place simultaneously to save time.  

5- Collaboration and Communication

Odoo can offer one system for all the company staff, and other contractors who deal with the it. As everyone can access the system, they can communicate mor efficiently and get the data they need faster.

Odoo’s project management software for construction industry may as well provide integration to other means to communicate such as Email and Whatsapp. This can simplify and automate tasks.

Benefits of Using Odoo’s Construction Management Software

Why should I buy odoo’s software instead of commercial construction project management software. Many people ask this question and consider using a ready-made software for their companies, but you have to ask yourself, are they really the same?

Odoo Construction Management Software to streamline operations.

The answer is no, there is quite a difference between odoo’s software and the ones available in the market. Buying odoo’s cloud based construction project management software comes with many advantages

I- Increased Efficiency

Odoo’s ERP solutions are made for you company and designed to solve the exact struggles you demanded solutions for. You will gain an advantage of having extra features that may not be available in other ERP systems and construction management software.

Those features reduce time and effort needed to complete construction projects while as well increase the profits for the company.

II- Improved Collaboration and Communication

Odoo’s software features a variety of communication methods between company’s staff, contractors, owners, and any one who is involved in the project. Having all the needed communication tools at one platform results in better compliance and faster and more effective collaboration

III- Extra flexibility

Not only odoo’s software is customized and build to meet your needs, but it can be even customized later as well to add any features you may require. Thus, you can say that odoo’s cloud based construction project management solution is more adaptable than any other software.

How to Get Odoo’s Cloud-based Construction Project Management Program?

To obtain Odoo’s construction management system, you need to ask a certified Odoo ERP Software provider to make it for you. The process comprises of different stages:

  1. A meeting with an Odoo consultant to have an initial perception of the project.
  2. Odoo developers will start working on the project to provide the agreed upon features
  3. Odoo developers will implement the project on your system
  4. You will have training sessions to ensure anyone in your team can use the system seamlessly.
  5. You will have support if you had a problem with the system

To know more, or if you have any question, you can contact our consultants on WhatsApp. At Oakland we are more than happy to help you at any time.

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