Frequently Asked Questions

OdooERP will let you grow your business in the most definite way. No matter, whether your business is customer-oriented or product-oriented,OdooERP will continue to support your business and keep it growing.

The Calculation of odoo implementation depends on the number of users and modules used by the organization. The following are three points to understand the Odoo pricing:

  • The cost of an Enterprise contract is paid annually.
  • Project implementation cost before going live.
  • Maintenance Cost

Odoo Erp assists you in properly leveraging your committed internal resources, evolving your business systems and processes, and capitalizing on your new ERP system.

It is important to hire an ERP service provider with extensive knowledge and experience working with companies such as yours on an initial and long-term basis. On the official Odoo website, you can learn about our company’s projects, our experience, complicated projects completed, vertical industries, and client references.

We are a dynamic community of consultants, integrators, customization shops, and providers of ERP solutions, including OdooERP. We offer support that will help you leverage your investment in ERP software to its full potential.

The main aim of odoo is to take care of your business and it plays a vital role in the growth of the business. With its expertise, it will provide a complete package that will solve your problems without fail.

In comparison to Odoo Official partners and vendors, the risk associated with freelancers is high, but the cost is lower. An Odoo implementation cannot be achieved by a freelancer since Odoo is very vast and half knowledge of Odoo can be hazardous. To work on our project, OdooErp provides a dedicated project manager and skilled team members.

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