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Amina Al Amiri’s Clinic

Industry: Healthcare

Services: Dermatology & Aesthetic dermatology

Before implementing Odoo, Dr. Amina Al Amiri's Clinic faced a number of challenges that hindered their ability to provide quality care to the patients. The clinic's manual processes, such as appointment scheduling, patient management, and billing, were time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, patient information was stored in multiple systems, making it difficult for healthcare professionals to access and manage information efficiently. The clinic also struggled to provide a seamless and streamlined experience for patients, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. Finally, the clinic lacked visibility into clinic operations and patient trends, making it difficult to make informed decisions. However, after we implemented Odoo, the clinic has seen a significant improvement in their operations. Automated processes have reduced manual errors and increased efficiency, allowing the clinic to focus on providing quality care to patients. Patient information is now stored in a centralized database, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access and manage information. The user-friendly interface of Odoo has improved the patient experience, making it easier for patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with the clinic. The clinic now has access to valuable insights and analytics, helping them to make informed decisions and continuously improve operations. By streamlining operations and reducing manual errors, we helped the clinic to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on providing quality care to patients.

Al Junaid Industrial Group

Industry: Manufacturing

Services: Manufacturing HVAC & Refrigeration supplies

Al Junaid Industrial Group is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of HVAC and Refrigeration supplies. They were spending a long time managing the inventory and monitoring the manufacturing process. They wanted a solution to improve their management of inventory and cut back the time spent on manual work and documentation. After implementing Odoo for them, the company is now able to...effectively track and manage its stock levels and warehouses. This has allowed them to plan their production schedule with greater efficiency. Also, they become able to monitor production and quality control, as well as generate reports in a faster and more efficient manner. Additionally, we provided them with tools to manage their contracts, and other paper works more effectively. Al Junaid is now witnessing the true benefits of Odoo. They can currently manage their bills and quotes faster, monitor their sales, and even improve their marketing without putting in the extra effort.

Alhor Camping & Hunting Tools

Industry: Retail

Services: Retail sale for hunting gear and camping equipment.

Alhor started back in 2016 when three friends started to buy a few tints and sell them just for fun. As time passed, they grew bigger, and Alhor became one of the famous brands for hunting and camping equipment in the UAE.   Alhor was aware of the importance of implementing advanced technology to achieve success in this era. Therefore, they asked us to implement Odoo to help them managing their three branches and improve their sales.   We proposed to them creating an online shop where they could sell their products directly to customers throughout the UAE instead of limiting their business to areas near their physical shops. We also added a point of sales services to help them manage transactions and accept payments in a variety of forms and provided them with quick reports to track their work performance. Now Alhor is growing bigger and planning to continue its story with ambitious visions for the following years.

Alhor Camping & Hunting Tools

Industry: Finance

Services: Banking services, Insurance, and online payments transactions

Aafaq is one of the main Islamic financial companies in the UAE. They have been providing innovative Islamic services and offering their products since their establishment in 2006.   As Aafaq expanded and got multiple branches in every emirate in the UAE, communication became more difficult and time-consuming. They were using different software to manage their work which complicated the collaboration and communication between their departments and branches.   Aafaq wanted a solution to streamline their performance and increase their productivity, and we knew exactly how to do so. We tailored Odoo for them so that all employees could access and use the information in real-time and connected all their departments together to simplify communication.   We also implemented the document module to help them manage their contracts and invoices. Now they can make decisions faster and seize opportunities before others. Now Aafaq is growing persistently and continues to be one of the main players among financial companies.

Advanced Scientific Group

Industry: Camels health care

Services: Camel's diagnostic and treatment, DNA testing, and auction management.

Advanced Scientific Group, formerly known as Veterinary Research Centre, is one of the leading veterinary services providers in the UAE. They specialize in Camels and have been providing their services for camel owners and breeders since their establishment in 1989.   Advanced Scientific Group wanted to improve their financial management and improve their payments to enable them to get paid when they offer services in deserted places with no internet connection.   We understood what ASG needed and delivered a comprehensive financial solution. We first worked on providing different payment means to enable them billing their clients when the internet connection is disconnected. We also customized the system to connect their departments together.   Now, not only do they have a variety of payment methods, but they can also manage invoicing, budgeting, and financial transactions with ease. They can also handle their purchases and sales, forecast the needed budget for each department more accurately, and organize their financial records.


Industry: Social Commerce

Services: Delivering food, groceries, flowers, coffee, medicine

WeGotWe is the first social commerce platform in the United Arab Emirates. They wanted to offer their customers the best service at affordable prices. They wanted a way to organize their orders to deliver them fast, ensuring their customer have their items without any delays. After a meeting with them, we worked on customizing Odoo for the inventory management module, sales management, accounting and finance, HR, e-commerce modules, and some more. WeGotWe are now performing with high productivity. The system automatically analyses their orders and creates lists allowing them to process faster and dispatch merchandise to the customer quickly. Odoo also creates the needed documents as soon as the order is being made, saving them time and effort.

Dubai Library Distributors

Industry: Retail

Services: Selling school supplies, office stationery, books, bags

Dubai Library Distributors was established in 1969 and became the leading distributor of a wide range of books, office supplies, school bags, paper products, writing instruments, arts and crafts materials, greeting cards, seasonal items, and a variety of stationery products. To proceed as the leading company and to manage their branches more productively, they wanted better tools to manage inventory and implement online payment methods. It was hard for them to keep track of data, and it used to take a long time. To help them, we provided Odoo centralized system that all employees in different branches can access and use in real-time. We also added inventory management features to keep their inventory organized and allow them to know what they need to purchase in advance. Additionally, when they receive an order on their website, Odoo will automatically create a list, create an invoice and connect them together, create a profile for the customer in their database and send the order to the inventory department. They are now enjoying more customer satisfaction, keeping a good name in the market, and their branches can collaborate easily.

Dubai Library Distributors

Industry: Veterinary Supplies, Animal Health

Services: Selling animal food, animal medication, vet equipment

Eurovets is one of the leading wholesale distributors in the UAE. They offer competitive prices and premium products for their customers; Eurovets were using SAP one system to manage their business, which was good, but limited when it comes to inventory management, not user friendly and very expensive. They came to us looking for a solution to help them manage the inventory faster and smoother. We gave them Odoo as a comprehensive solution with all the inventory features they required. Odoo system allowed them to track their inventory status, alerting them when an item is about to run low and giving them instant reports. Additionally, we added other modules to help them handle accounting, sell online on their website, and manage documents digitally. Now, Eurovets are enjoying the benefits of B2B eCommerce and selling online. We helped them to manage their inventory more efficiently. Thus, their cost decreased, and they could process orders faster. Last but not least, we helped them adding more payment methods, manage receipts, gain better control over bills, and forecast expenses.

Frontier Education General Trading LLC

Industry: Education

Services: supply educational materials and turnkey solutions to Schools

Frontier Education is a leading supplier of a wide variety of educational materials and turnkey solutions to schools in UAE and Oman, covering almost all areas of the curriculum from the Foundation Stage through to Year 12. Frontier Education was having a hard time dealing with large orders and wanted a way to organize their work. Now with Odoo, we have enabled them to automate their processes. They do not have to waste their time anymore editing sheets or creating documents. The system will do so automatically. The inventory module made them able to track their, stock, know exactly what they needed and how to distribute it. Odoo allowed them to follow the status of their orders and guarantee quick delivery to their clients thanks to sales management tools. Additionally, the financial management capabilities gave them useful information about their financial performance, enabling them to spot opportunities for development and make data-driven decisions.

Hadaya Al Khaleej Gifts

Industry: Retail

Services: Selling a variety of gifts

Hadaya Al Khaleej Gifts is a famous trading company in the UAE. They are one of the leading traders of promotional giveaways in the corporate gifts industry. It was not easy for them to track stock levels and monitor sales. We knew that the first step was to provide Odoo system to enable them to have all their data in one place. We customized the system to have inventory features to monitor the quantity of the merchandise and implemented barcode module to provide an easy way to enter items. Hadaya Al Khaleej Gifts are now able to better maintain its stock levels, handle orders, measure sales and financial performance, and receive insightful information about its operations thanks to the system's inventory management, sales management, and financial management tools.

Hamad Store

Industry: Retail and electronic sales

Services: Selling electronic devices

Hamad store is a retail business that specializes in selling a wide range of products. Hamad store started as a small project a few years ago, then started growing to be one of the popular electronic online stores in the UAE. Hamad store was aware that growing from a small electronic store would need upgrading to more powerful management tools and knew Odoo was what they needed. To provide the tools they need, we customized Odoo for Hamad store with various features, including inventory management, CRM, and eCommerce. We enabled them to keep track of their inventory and avoid stockout. We gave them the right tools to contact suppliers quickly and efficiently to ensure they get the best prices. Now that Hamad store has all the data in a single centralized system and it is accessible to his employees with real time updates, and they do not have any problem in communication. They can now manage their inventory, avoid stockout, track their sales, and optimize their relationship with the customers. Additionally, they do not waste time on documents and data entry, as we automate most of their tasks. The system automatically connects their departments together to increase their productivity.

Johnson Health Tech UAE LLC

Industry: health and wellness equipment

Services: Provide fitness and wellness equipment for Gyms, hotels, and homes

Johnson Health Tech is a top supplier of fitness equipment in the UAE. They have multiple brands under their name and provide high-quality fitness equipment for gyms, hotels, homes, spas, etc. Having multiple brands means the need to coordinate. As they were using different softwares to manage each department, it was difficult to have fast access to information. They had difficulties in inventory and manufacturing management. To help them to solve their problems and achieve their vision of providing unmatched services at minimal costs, we customized Odoo with various features. We made it focused mainly on manufacturing and inventory and set the tools to monitor and maintain the right stocks in the warehouses. Using Odoo allowed Johnson Health Tech to reduce costs significantly. They are now able to define the best suppliers when they need to order a shipment. They are having all their documents and contracts listed and organized, and they can always keep an eye on the manufacturing process. Additionally, they become able to schedule replenishments, oversee warehouse operations, follow the status of their orders, and guarantee quick delivery to their clients. In summary, the system's financial management capabilities gave them useful information about their financial performance, enabled them to recognize opportunities for development and make decisions based on statistics.

Johnson Health Tech UAE LLC

Industry: Petrochemicals

Services: Selling petrochemicals and metals to business

Kemexon is an international company that supplies businesses with a variety of commodities. Their products involve petroleum products, chemical products, bioenergy products, and metals. They deal with clients across the globe and offer a wider range of services, such as production, refinement, and transportation. As a company that has businesses with clients and customers worldwide, they needed to ensure their processes run smoothly. However, it was difficult for them to keep track of the inventory, and using different platforms to run their departments was not good for communication. So, we have customized Odoo to enable them handling their accounting and managing invoices and transactions in different currencies. We also provided modules to manage their warehouses and monitor their stocks. Now, with one look, they can know how each product is performing, how they need to adjust production, how they need to distribute, and more. Kemexon can also enhance its relationship with customers using the features of the Odoo CRM, which allow them to have all the data they need about the customers in one place, provide the tools to communicate with clients, and has notifications to alert Kemexon when they need to request payment from clients.

Al-Futooh International Group

Industry: Lubricants, Car Care, food, Health

Services: Distribute Castrol Lubricants in Kuwait

Al-Futooh International Group, also known as Alfig, is a diversified company that operates in several different industries. The foundation of the company was laid when started operating as a licensed distributor for Castrol lubricants in Kuwait in 2001. Since then, the company has expanded to include other divisions such as Health Quest, which is a food station for healthy diets food, and Auto Quest, which is a one-stop shop for car care. Alfig needed better and more advanced management tools as they expanded. They needed a way to connect their departments and simplify communication. We implemented Odoo for them with a combination of modules and features such as documents, accounting, inventory, sales, and more. Now Alfig is able to acquire a consolidated picture of its operations across many divisions and automate many of its manual procedures. They are now able to better maintain their stock levels and handle their orders. They can also measure their sales and financial performance and receive insightful information about their operations due to the system's inventory management, sales management, and financial management tools.

Kava and Chai Cafe LLC

Industry: Food and beverage

Services: High quality coffee

Kava and Chai Café is a grand name in the F&B industry. They have different branches across the United Arabic Emirates and provide amazing coffee and tea to their customers. Although they were successful, they have had some difficulties running their operations and coordinating with their branches. They had to manually monitor the sales and inventory for each branch and use different platforms to communicate. We started working on customizing Odoo for them in order to meet the needs of a café and help them to manage all their branches in the country. We gave them the point of sale (POS) for quick sales, accounting module to  manage the invoices, HR module for their employees and the CRM. Now Kava and Chai Cafe is able to better maintain their stock levels, handle their orders, measure their sales and financial performance, and receive insightful information about their operations. Additionally, Odoo helped Kava & Chai Café LLC increase productivity, minimize mistakes, and enhance customer service. Now, they are managing all of their branches with ease, enjoying the benefits of automation from Odoo.

Luxury Carts Group

Industry: Luxury cars

Services: Selling and leasing luxury cars

Luxury Carts Group UAE is a business focused on the purchase, leasing, and upkeep of high-end motorized and golf carts. They wanted a way to optimize their performance because management was not easy when they needed to use multiple programs and platforms. To solve their problem, they needed a centralized ERP system so their staff can access live data and manage contracts and invoices. Thus, we tailored the documents module in Odoo to help them creating, monitoring, and managing documents. Additionally, the ERP solution enabled Luxury Carts Group UAE to acquire a centralized picture of its operations while automating many of its manual processes. The inventory management, sales management, and financial management capabilities of Odoo allowed them to effectively handle their orders, measure their financial performance, and acquire insightful information about their operations.

Palm Tree

Industry: IT solutions

Services: Repairs and builds computers and security services

Palm Tree Tech Center is a technology-based service provider. They provide IT solutions and maintenance for electronic devices and computers. They wanted an ERP system because they wanted to have all their work migrated into one system. They did not want to work on multiple platforms because it was consuming their time and causing much room for error. We customized Odoo for them to connect it to 3rd party apps they needed to do their work. Odoo helped them better to manage their services and know exactly are pending in the pipeline. Additionally, all their invoices are reconciled automatically, and they can track their financial performance easily.

Shams Al Bawadi (SAB)

Industry: Engineering

Services: Engineering, procurement, and construction services

Shams Al Bawadi (SAB) is a business that specializes in offering engineering, procurement, and construction services for oil and gas and energy projects in MENA. Shams Al Bawadi (SAB) found it hard to manage all its branches using different softwares. They needed a better solution to enable faster and smoother cooperation. SAB business involves dealing with a lot of contracts. They always need to purchase something for their work, lease tools, and rent properties. These were their main focus. Therefore, we customized Odoo modules to enable them managing documents and contracts. We also provided the tools to help them manage their relationship with suppliers. Additionally, we gave them accounting module to  track their financials. With the help of Odoo, they are now able to create new documents, edit them, and manage them in a short time. They can also track their contracts and get notified when one of them is due or is expired. Thanks to the exceptional features of Odoo, they now have all the tools they need to manage their business from one place. The automation helped them reduce errors, save more time, and focus on what was important.

Maraheb restaurant

Industry: Food & beverages

Services: Middle Eastern food

Maraheb serves Middle Eastern food with multiple branches across UAE. They needed a way to manage their branches and avoid wasting so much time on accounting and inventory management. Odoo focuses on providing a way to help organizations to cut unnecessary costs. We added a module to help them tracking their inventory and keep an eye on the food they buy. Another module was CRM to help them improve their customer relationships. And surely, we did not forget to add the point of sale, which they needed with their sales transactions. With the customization of Odoo we did, they can now know exactly how much food they have in their inventory. There is no need to waste any amount of food. And since it automated several manual procedures and consolidated its operations across branches, they can make the best decisions to grow. We helped Maraheb to simplify processes, boost efficiency, and eliminate mistakes. We helped them to see their operations, make data-driven choices, increase performance, and grow their company as a top UAE restaurant chain serving traditional Middle Eastern food.


Industry: Racing Automotives

Services: Design and manufacture of engine management and data acquisition systems

MoTec manufactures and sells racing and performance items worldwide. Their office in Dubai reached out to Oakland to assist them in developing and implementing an ERP system to manage operations in the middle east. They wanted to use one system to help them manage their business in different branches with one system. They also wanted a way to track their products via the serial number. From our side, we provided them with what they wanted and more. Our ERP system helped them boost their performance. Instead of spending hours entering and extracting data manually, the system finishes the job in several minutes. Now, MoTec can maintain its credibility and have a better reputation with its customers. In the long term, Oakland's ERP solution helped Motec improve their profitability. The ERP system gave them a single source of truth for their operations and helped them make data-driven decisions to improve performance and grow their business.

TASC Towers Holding Limited

Industry: Telecommunications

Services: Provide telecommunications tower infrastructure

Tasc Towers Holding Limited specializes in providing telecommunications tower infrastructure solutions and services. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality services and solutions to their clients. They came to Oakland seeking assistance with the implementation of an Odoo ERP system to manage their operations. They were having issues with inventory management, maintenance scheduling, and financial management. They sought a solution that would enable them to improve operational efficiency while also incorporating cutting-edge technology into their business. Oakland met with Tasc Towers Holding Limited and developed a custom ERP solution to meet their business requirements. Tasc Towers Holding Limited used the Odoo ERP solution to improve operational efficiency, reduce human error, and gain a comprehensive view of their operations. The ERP gave them a single source of truth for their operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that improved their effectiveness and helped them expand their company.

OAKLAND – odooERP.ae

Industry: Odoo Solutions

Services: Providing Odoo solutions for SMEs

Oakland ERP is the number one Odoo provider in the UAE. We are sitting at the top now, and our success story started with Odoo implementation. Oakland was established because we witnessed the true potential of Odoo ERP system and how it can boost performance and unleash the true powers of any business. Implementing Odoo to Oakland enabled us to provide better service to our clients. We were working fast and efficiently. Within only a few years, we moved from a new Odoo company to a silver and then a golden partner. All of our work today is managed by Odoo ERP system. And we have more than 50 active Odoo users who are satisfied with what we provide.

Armor Lubricants

Industry: Petro Chemicals

Services: Lubricants manufacturing and wholesale

Armor Lubricants is one of the leading lubricant manufacturers in the UAE. They provide different types of lubricants to clients in more than 40 countries worldwide. Armor lubricants wanted to keep their work organized and have all their teams working on the same page. They had some difficulties using different software and platforms, which was obstructing their collaboration. With the right ERP system from Odoo, Armor lubricants could achieve what they wanted. All the data was securely stored in one place accessible by all the staff. The management used amazing reporting features to get accurate data about the market and predict the status. Additionally, as a manufacturer of oil, they used the manufacturing module to organize their production, the inventory module to track warehouses, and the purchase module to manage their Orders from suppliers to make sure they always get the finest deals. The factory is now running efficiently and continues to improve performance as they have everything organized properly.

Armor Lubricants

Industry: Polymer materials

Services: Manufacturing high-quality polyethylene water tanks

The UAE-based business Star Poly specializes in offering polyethylene materials for various industries. They have been in the market since 1998, and to continue providing high-quality products and services, they came to Oakland seeking assistance in implementing the latest management tools. Star Poly wanted a solution to help them organize their operations. Using multiple software was time-consuming and obstructed their teams' collaboration. Oakland met with Star Poly to discuss their unique needs and demands. We created a tailored ERP solution based on our comprehension of their particular business requirements. The ERP system provided to Star Poly was based on their need to manage their manufacturing operations. Thus, we used the needed modules, like manufacturing, inventory, purchase, documents, and accounting. Now, they can plan their manufacturing in advance, monitor the inventory, and find the best prices from suppliers. When it comes to documents, they have all the contracts, invoices, and other documents stored in the system. They can access documents from any device and edit them with just a few clicks.

Sea Hawk

Industry: General trading

Services: marine services and products

Sea Hawk offers a variety of marine services and products, such as boat maintenance, boat repair, boat storage, boat cleaning, and yacht polishing. But it is not limited to that. Sea Hawk were tired of using different software and platforms to manage their operations. This was taking a long time and quite an effort. They wanted to manage their operations and communicate using one system. Since they have a wide range of services, they can not use any system. They needed something that could adapt to their activities. We provided Sea Hawk with a unique ERP system from Odoo. It was customized to meet all their needs, including trading, accounting, purchasing, documents, and more. Furthermore, automation saved them time and effort and reduced human error with data entry.


Industry: Construction

Services: provide raw materials and solutions to oil and gas mining

Solinq is a global construction procurement solutions provider with offices in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. To meet the needs of their customers, they are dedicated to providing the best services and solutions. It was difficult for Solinq to manage branches in 3 different countries and maintain the same level of service to all of their customers when they were having trouble collaborating and Solinq came to Oakland looking for help implementing an ERP system to run their operations. They were having trouble running their business, particularly in project management, purchasing, and financial management. Oakland created an ERP system that was custom designed to meet their demands. Thanks to the ERP solution, they improved operational effectiveness, decreased errors, and got a complete picture of their business operations.

TASC Outsourcing

Industry: Outsourcing

Services: Provide companies with competent human resources

TASC Outsourcing is a UAE-based company that offers outsourcing solutions to organizations of all sizes.  When companies need to hire, they turn to them first. TASC Outsourcing offices exist in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and India. They went to Oakland for an Odoo ERP with growth plans. A company as big as TASC deals but many clients at once. It also receives thousands of CVs from applicants for the jobs they post. They needed a system to help them organize their work and let their staff in different branches work together. Our solution aimed to help them work more efficiently—the ERP system for TASK needed CRM, Project, Documents, and HRMS. The HRMS provided them with a way to manage CVs and organize them based on how good the candidates are. The CRM allowed them to maintain a good relationship with their clients, follow up with them and provide them with the finest service all the time. It is worth noting that TASC are now spending less time on manual processes. They do not have to waste their time on something simple when they should be providing the best candidates for their clients.

Memoire Jewelry

Industry: Jewellery and accessories

Services: Manufacturing and selling jewellery and accessories

Memoire Jewellery is a premium jewellery firm that specializes in handcrafted, high-end jewellery. Memoire Jewellery needed a system to help them to monitor and plan manufacturing and sales for all branches. Odoo has the tools for manufacturing planning, accounting, and POS. We customized it and integrated to allow them to keep an eye on all operations. We enabled Memoire Jewellery to keep track of the items they have in inventory, the progress of their manufacturing, how many items they are selling, organized invoices and more.

Additionally, Memoire Jewellery have a better customer service due to the amazing features of Odoo CRM. They now have more satisfaction from their customers which reflected on their sales performance.

Sea Prince

Industry: Logistics

Services: Sea, air, and land freights

Sea Prince is a logistics company. they provide logistic service to customers and ship cargo to anywhere in the world, by sea, land, and air. Sea prince company needed a better management system since they were dealing with clients worldwide. It is not efficient for them to use different software. It was an old technique that was holding their growth back. They spent a long time each day just performing manual tasks. We knew their ERP system should include accounting, fleet, HR, Project, and more. We met, discussed their business and needs, and then customized the system to provide the one they wanted and needed. Now, they can handle invoices with different currencies, follow a budget, track their inventory, manage their employees in different branches, sign contracts, manage them, and store them in an organized way. The automation saved Sea Prince a lot of time and effort and allowed them to keep their eyes on growth. And the reports enable them to track their performance and know exactly how they can improve their business.

Sea Prince

Industry: Energy industry

Services: Cummins products and services

United Energy is a high-profile company that has gained worldwide recognition as a leading exporter of Cummins products. With a wide range of genuine Cummins parts, engines, filters, coolants, chemicals, Valvoline oil, and Cummins Gensets, United Energy has established itself as a one-stop-shop for customers' needs. Before implementing the ERP system, United Energy struggled with keeping track of their inventory levels and replenishing stock on time. They used a manual system for recording inventory levels, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. This often resulted in overstocking or understocking of products, leading to increased costs and lost sales. The provided odoo ERP system offered a centralized database for inventory management. The system allowed United Energy to track inventory levels in real-time, monitor sales patterns, and generate automated alerts when inventory levels fell below a certain threshold. This helped them to optimize their inventory levels and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking. Additionally, the system offered features such as forecasting and demand planning, which allowed United Energy to plan their procurement and production more accurately. The implementation of Odoo ERP also solved the problem of United Energy's manual order management process. The ERP system provided a centralized platform for order management that enabled the company to track customer orders in real-time, from order entry to delivery. By generating automated alerts when there were delays or issues with order fulfillment, United Energy was able to streamline their order processing and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, the system's automated invoicing and payment processing features helped to speed up the billing process and improve cash flow.


Industry: Beauty and personal care

Services: Selling raw materials for cosmetics

ies-ingredients is a highly reputable supplier of raw materials for cosmetic, fragrance, and flavor products, offering a wide range of high-quality ingredients from leading manufacturers. With over 28 years of experience in the industry, the company has established a strong track record of delivering successful projects for their clients. Recognizing the need for a better management system to efficiently manage their operations across their branches, ies-ingredients decided to invest in an Odoo ERP system. The implementation of Odoo, helped the company to automate various financial processes and plan their budgets, it also allowed them to plan their operations effectively since they were capable of tracking projects easily. Using odoo provided them with the right tools enhance collaboration and communication between different departments and branches. The Odoo ERP system also enabled ies-ingredients to streamline their financial processes, improving their overall efficiency and accuracy. With the help of Odoo, ies-ingredients was able to enhance their operations and provide their customers with the highest level of service and quality products.

Waten Bakery

Industry: Food and Beverages

Services: Production and sale of baked goods to customers

Waten Bakery is a family-run business that is the leading bakery in the UAE. With a product base of over 2,500 items offering customers a wide variety of delicious baked goods. Their commitment to superior customer satisfaction and consistently excellent quality of goods sets them apart from their competitors. Despite their large product range, Waten Bakery has maintained their dedication to quality, which has helped them to continue to grow and expand their business. Waten Bakery struggled to maintain profitability due to rising costs of ingredients and overhead expenses. They also found it challenging to accurately track their expenses and profit margins. With their commitment to superior customer satisfaction and consistently excellent quality of goods, Waten Bakery struggled to ensure consistent quality standards across all their products, especially as they continued to grow. Odoo ERP system allowed Waten Bakery to track their expenses, including labor costs, ingredient costs, and overhead expenses, in real-time. With this information, they were able to identify areas where they could reduce costs and optimize their operations to improve their profitability. The system also enabled them to generate financial reports that provided insights into their financial performance and helped them make data-driven decisions. They were also able to track the quality of their ingredients, manage expiration dates, and monitor production processes to ensure that their products consistently met their high-quality standards. The system also enabled them to track customer feedback and complaints, allowing them to quickly identify and address quality issues

Electronic Documents Center (EDC)

Industry: Software development and digital transformation

Services: Digital transformation solutions

Electronic Documents Center (EDC) is a semi-government company that provides digital transformation solutions and services to organizations in the Middle East Region. Founded in 2002 and operating under Emirates Post Group, EDC has a diversified product portfolio and a geographical expansion across UAE and Saudi Arabia. As a rapidly expanding business, the Electronic Documents Center (EDC) faced significant challenges in managing its teams and operations across multiple countries in the Middle East and Africa. With a complex network of staff and projects to manage, the company struggled to maintain organization and efficiency, often leading to delays and confusion that is when they decided to invest in odoo ERP. The Odoo ERP system, with its integrated provided (EDC) with a powerful platform for organizing and managing their projects. The Project app helped them create and manage projects, assign tasks to team members, and track progress, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. With the CRM EDC managed customer relationships, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and ensure client satisfaction. The Employees app allowed them to manage staff, and track time and attendance. Finally, they used Documents app to manage project-related documents, including contracts, reports, and other important files, ensuring that everything is organized and easily accessible.

Serotonin Technologies

Industry: Software

Services: Tech design and artistic engineering

Serotonin Technologies is a leading software development company that bridges the gap between concept and execution with its in-house tech design and artistic engineering. It offers a wide range of technology solutions for innovative and disruptive projects across various industries. Serotonin Technologies understands that delivering exceptional results to its customers requires the active participation and collaboration of its team members across various divisions and projects. To facilitate this, the company needed a well-designed ERP system. With the implementation of odoo ERP system, Serotonin Technologies has greatly enhanced their project management capabilities, providing their team with an intuitive and user-friendly platform for collaboration and tracking. The system's advanced features allowed for real-time data tracking and progress reporting, enabling team members to monitor and manage projects efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the platform facilitates communication and collaboration among team members, enabling them to work together seamlessly and respond quickly to changes or challenges.

Al Bazee Trading CO

Industry: Real estate

Services: Facilities management services

Al Bazee Trading CO is a leading provider of facilities management services in the UAE. It has a reputation for delivering outstanding service and value to its customers, using the best materials and the most experienced contractors in the industry. Al Bazee Trading CO has grown from a small business to a leading provider of facilities management services in the UAE. And it has a vision to become the lead provider of maintenance services throughout UAE and a trusted partner and advisor for its clients. The rapid expansion of the enterprise posed several challenges, including the difficulty of maintaining effective communication channels and keeping track of the assets' lifecycles. Fortunately, the implementation of the odoo ERP system provided collaborative tools allowing team members to work seamlessly together, harnessing the collective power of their expertise. Additionally, the system's advanced document management features have significantly enhanced compliance with relevant laws and regulations, while also reducing costs associated with any unwanted legal or financial consequences.

Proactive Vision

Industry: Accounting

Services: Financial accounting and taxation

Proactive Vision Accounting & Bookkeeping has a dynamic team of experienced and proactive accountants who specialize in providing top-notch corporate financial accounting, taxation, bookkeeping, and business consulting services. The implementation of Odoo ERP system has brought significant enhancements to the company’s financial management processes, as the system's automated processing and tracking of invoices has streamlined operations. Additionally, the system's comprehensive financial reporting capabilities offered them a powerful tool for generating detailed and customized financial reports. Furthermore, the platform's intuitive budgeting tools have simplified budget preparation and tracking, providing clients with greater efficiency and control over their finances.

Intaj Metal & Wood works

Industry: Manufacturing

Services: Manufacturing and supplying fire equipment

Intaj UAE is a group of companies that specializes in manufacturing and supplying fire rated doors and fire equipment. They have been operating for a decade offering custom design fire rated doors with vision panels and louvers, as well as fire hose reel cabinets and other sheet metal products. Odoo ERP has developed a bespoke solution for Intaj, enabling the company to enhance its business operations to a higher level. The implementation of the Manufacturing app enabled Intaj to efficiently manage the production of its fire rated doors and fire equipment, as well as schedule its operations. Furthermore, through the utilization of the Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, Intaj was able to establish a stronger relationship with its clients and increase its customer base. Additionally, the company utilized the Accounting and Finance application to streamline its financial management processes and create budgets with ease.

Liwa Dates

Industry: Food industry

Services: Packing and processing services for date products

Liwa Dates is a premium date packing and processing factory based in the United Arab Emirates. With an extensive range of superior quality date products. Liwa Dates caters to corporate clients and supermarkets worldwide. Notably, the company supports local farmers by providing them with packing services and assisting them in marketing their products more effectively. Liwa Dates leveraged Odoo ERP solution to enhance its operations and communication with farmers. With the ERP system, Liwa Dates was able to streamline its inventory management and accounting processes, enabling it to manage orders more efficiently. Additionally, the system facilitated communication between Liwa Dates and local farmers, enabling the company to offer packing services and provide them with an effective marketing platform for their products. Odoo ERP solution also allowed Liwa Dates to organize orders from clients, improving the delivery process and enhancing customer satisfaction. As a result, Liwa Dates was able to improve its operational efficiency, increase productivity, and maintain its reputation as a leading provider of superior quality date products.

Venus Cosmetics & Perfumes LLC

Industry: Beauty and personal care

Services: Sell perfumes

Venus Cosmetics & Perfumes LLC is a leading company in the beauty industry that provides professional cosmetics and exquisite perfumes. The company specializes in creating the finest types of Arabic and French perfumes that capture the essence of elegance and charm. The company also offers a variety of high-quality cosmetics. Odoo ERP system has been instrumental in helping Venus HD improve its performance by streamlining its operations across its online store and physical stores in different countries. With Odoo, Venus HD has been able to integrate its various business processes into a single platform. This has enabled Venus HD to manage stock levels more efficiently, resulting in reduced inventory costs and improved customer satisfaction. Moreover, the ERP system has facilitated better communication and collaboration across Venus HD's various branches, allowing them to share information and resources seamlessly. For instance, the system has enabled Venus HD to synchronize its stock levels across all its stores, ensuring that customers can find the products they want regardless of the store they visit.

Sky Medical Equipment & Supplies

Industry: Healthcare

Services: Distribution of Healthcare Products

Established in 2010, Sky Medical Equipment and Supplies is a multi-service company, based in the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), with a commitment to providing the latest healthcare technology, services, and advanced solutions to our valued customers. Sky Medical Equipment & Supplies is the industry leader and official distributor of the best healthcare products. They needed a software to allow them to help people more efficiently and considered odoo as a good choice for them. After one meeting with them, Oakland suggested a system with Sales management to help them track sales for various products and predict demand, accounting to track and monitor expenses and revenues, and a CRM to handle all their customers and suppliers faster and smarter. Now, their sales and revenues have increased and their teams can work together and communicate and collaborate more efficiently. Sky medical will continue to be one of the most important medical suppliers in the UAE, and even grow bigger with our odoo ERP system.

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