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We are more than just an odoo ERP provider; we are your partner all the way. OdooERP is the best ERP Consultant in UAE because we work hand to hand with our clients to deliver the solutions they need shaped in the best way possible.

We pride ourselves on crafting and implementing the finest ERP software solutions in UAE that meet and exceed your original requirements and business objectives. With a team of exceptional talent and superior dedication to customer service, we established a solid name in the UAE and other 4 countries and carved a niche in the industry for our expertise in Odoo ERP systems.

odoo erp gold partner

Best odoo Gold Partner in the MENA Region

Since 2016 we have been delivering ERP solutions to help businesses grow faster and increase revenues and profits

Working in 5 countries and GROWING

Our name stands out in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and India, and we plan to keep growing

Optimizing your business performance with a unique customized odoo solution

We know how to shape and modify odoo to create solutions tailored to each business model

Millions In Proven Returns, Countless Pleased Clients

Join the pool of satisfied customers who are enjoying growth after the implementation of odooERP solutions

Awards & Achievements


In 2022, our hard work and dedication were recognized as we received the prestigious award for Most New Projects. We're proud of this achievement and glad that we allowed more businesses to witness the magical power of odoo.

Our next goal is to introduce more businesses -especially start-ups- to the power of odoo, allowing them to unlock their true potential to compete and win in a market full of big players.



Silver Partner

In 2019 we became silver partners and proved we have enough knowledge in both odoo and business to build solutions that streamline tasks and facilitate management with the work provided to our clients.


Gold Partner

It only took one year for everyone to notice that we shine in yellow and became a Gold Partner in 2020. With our name on the top, we proved that we can make the best version of solutions your business need.

The Roadmap to Our OdooERP Magic

Just like fingerprints, ERP systems should be unique for each client. In odooERP, we know how to implement odoo ERP systems that reflect businesses and imitate the way you operate to improve productivity and enhance results.

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