Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

No matter how much technology assets you may have, your manpower is your most precious resource. As they say, your personnel and how you take care of them can make or break your company. As a business, how are you taking care of your most precious asset, your human resources?

Odoo Takes Care of Your HR So You Can Focus on Leading Your People


Let’s Automate Your Recruitment, Payroll, Interview, Appraisal, Contracts and Time-Keeping

Gone are the days when your HR manager have to start everything from scratch. Manual records keeping and relying on paper documents is too time-consuming. Odoo’s modular approach means you can customize several modules to fit your human resources requirements. helps you to have an HR platform that fits your operations.

Not only does Odoo automates your human resources, but it also gives your HR manager the option to collaborate with other departments. With Odoo, you can automate staff requisition, personnel appraisal, daily time-keeping, payments, training and a couple of other functions. An Odoo platform gives all your company managers, supervisors and staff a way to self-service their HR needs even during holidays and rest days.

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Get Odoo’s Human Resources Management System (HRMS) for a Stress-Free HR specializes in simplifying time-consuming processes, so you can focus on what you do best which is interacting with your employees. You can choose the functions that you need and expand it as your organization grows. Most companies start with getting their worker information, payroll and time-keeping done via Odoo. Then you may also add in recruitment automation, HR administration, appraisal and compliance to your current modules. What we offer is a scalable solution that lets you get started immediately so that you can have more time for your other HR tasks.

Odoo Helps You to Optimize Your:

Employee Attendance

Set and modify working hours

Automatic Updating Across All Processes

Multiple Levels of Access

Generate Timesheet Reports

Daily Time In and Out

Manage Leaves

Gives managers and supervisors the option to approve leaves

Online access so employee can file anywhere

Assign work request and automate notifications

Accounting Integration

No need to do manual double checking of attendance

Compute benefits and taxes

Employee Evaluation

Monitor daily outputs

Set various performance parameters

Transparent access

Generates reports for formal appraisal

End of service benefits

Employee Expenses

Expense approval by managers

Upload receipts for documentation


Job Posting online

Social Media integration

Monitor daily applications

Fill up your recruitment pipeline

Contracts Management

Automated Onboarding

Schedule interviews

Search profiles at resume bank

Key Performance Index (KPI) Tracker

Design team goals

Create challenges and competitions

Display performance results in real-time

Set objectives and employee rewards

Management engagement campaigns

Create employee surveys

Design company calendar

Assign and host e-learning and training

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