Reasons to Invest in HR Cloud Solutions for Human Resource Management

April 8, 2023
Reasons to Invest in HR Cloud Solutions for Human Resource Management

Imagine how successful your business will be with a competent staff working in a good environment, and think of the extra opportunities you will get, and the additional revenue generated. Do you want to turn this wish into reality? we can make it happen with an HR Cloud Solutions.

Having a productive and dynamic HR department is key to attract and retain top talent and then provide the perfect environment to let help make every effort to accomplish tasks. Take a step towards improving your staff and equip your HR department with the all the tools they need in one software, the amazing Odoo HR Software.

We design and create Odoo Cloud Solutions for HR Management to help each company boost performance and productivity. Here are some of what it can do to your company.

Frees up your HR management to focus on boosting productivity

Recruitment and onboarding can also be time-consuming and take up valuable time that could be spent on other tasks like improving staff performance and solve problems that slows down your business.

Since they are essential to the company, Cloud based HR Solutions presented an answer called automation. Most of the tasks related to recruitment is recurrent yet takes a lot of time to be done with, but when you automate the process, you will only have to do the basics, and leave the repetitive part to the software.

Link Odoo to your website or recruitment websites (such as linked in and indeed), and let it organize the CVs for you and automatically screen resumes and schedule interviews for candidates based on predefined criteria reducing the time needed to find a talented team.

It can also provide a self-service portal for employees to manage their own information:

  • Personal details
  • Benefits
  • Leave requests
  • Performance reviews

Improves Performance Management with Cloud Based HR Solutions

Increase your revenues and profits or even double them solely by using the best HR Cloud Solutions to boost your teams’ performance. Our HRMS or HR Management System Software is loaded with features to assess performance and identify weaknesses which are vital to let you come up with solutions.

Our cutting-edge HR Software, designed to streamline performance management more effectively.

Odoo loaded the HR Software Systems with advanced analytics and customizable metrics to help you reach goals faster. Just set your goals, and monitor the progress with each task in real time as you also have access to valuable information such as:

  • Who is responsible for each task
  • How fast they are working
  • Did they achieve their target

Monitoring is not all what HR Software can do, you can also contact your team and add notes that you think can help them work smarter.

Enhances Attendance Monitoring

You do not need us to tell you how difficult it is to track and monitor your employee’s attendance, and how important it is to monitor when each employee comes and leaves. Even when you have devices to record time and date, you still have to manually create reports and calculate the effect of each event.

Work smarter and integrate odoo into your system to help you manage the attendance.

Set your own rules for attendance and overtime and let the system calculate overtime payments and late arrival deductions. You can also get daily, weekly, or monthly attendance sheets generated automatically. Choose to have it for all employees, or a specific one.

Calculates salaries fast

Let’s face it, the main reason people work is the money. Your employees appreciate having their salaries on time every month, but for the company this can be quite complex especially if they have a commission on sales or are paid per time.

Do not worry and put the problem behind your back with our Odoo ERP Software, because it can make salary calculation like a breeze. Odoo HRMS can be linked to your attendance tables to add any overtime automatically, and to sales data to add the commission for completed transactions.

Our HR System does not only determine employees’ benefits, but also deductions and taxes. it is a good tool to track your finance services and ensure your business compliance with laws and regulation.

Improve Employee Self-service

Let me ask a question, why would you waste time and resources on doing something you can have the machines do for you? is not that the direct opposite of productivity? Since Odoo HR Management System Software is all about productivity, we ensured it can facilitate employee’s self-service.

Do not waste your resources on tasks like issuing routine documents, just leave it to the software and let your employees have faster access to information like:

  • Contact details
  • Emergency contacts
  • Bank account information
  • Tax forms
  • Benefits enrolment

All you need to do that is to provide your employees with a self-service portals and let them request documents as they need them. Self-service portals can also allow employees to request time off, view their current vacation and sick leave balances, and track the status of their requests.

With the system all your HR managers need to do is to approve the request and leave the rest to the HRMS Systems. Plus, they can have insights and fast access to vital information to ensure approving the document does not affect the flow of the business.

If you’re managing large employee teams and seeking HRMS Cloud Solutions to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and employees’ well-being, we’ve got you covered! Schedule a Free Consultation to discuss your unique business needs and see how we can help you achieve efficiency and growth.

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