Restaurant Management System

Track and Manage your POS

Multi-tasking isn't easy. How can you make sure that nothing falls through the cracks when things get busy? Even just one unattended customer or unfulfilled request can backfire. Odoo helps you to keep track of every small part of your restaurant operations so that you can focus on what you do best – serving your customers.


Odoo for Restaurants helps your staff to accomplish more tasks in less time.

Automate your POS and serve more customers with Odoo Restaurant Management System. Manage waiting queues and reservation requests via an all-in-one dashboard. Interact with your customers and answer inquiries via SMS, social media, whatsapp or email. Plan and manage your staff shifts, Distribute coupons, monitor loyalty points, and track daily performance – do all these in one location without leaving your screen display!

We'd been helping restaurant owners to manage their processes so they can focus on taking care of their customers. Odoo helps from inquiry to order fulfillment. Remove double entry, prevent mistakes, and automatically update your inventory using our integrated system. With Odoo's tailored tools for restaurants, cafes, and food deliveries, you can run your daily business seamlessly.

Finally, you can focus on getting more customers. Let Odoo take care of your day to day business.

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Odoo helps you to optimize:

Table Management Service

Guest Waiting List

Syncing Stocks

Kitchen Order Processing

Tip Distribution

Customer Reminders for Reservations

Restaurant POS


Customer Feedback

Split Order Bills

Various Payment Options

Gift Voucher and Coupons

Loyalty Management

Recipe Management

Kitchen Display System

Multi-Location Inventory

Waiter Module

Multi-Station Printing

Staff Shifts Management

  • Multi Branch Module
  • Automatic calculation of ordering platforms fees such as Talabat, Zomato

Keep your restaurant customers happy and your business healthy by letting Odoo take care of your restaurant operations.

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