Sales Management System
Easy to Use ERP Software for Sales People

ERP Software that automates and manages your sales processes.

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    Odoo helps small and medium-sized businesses to easily manage stocks, promotions, after-sales, invoices and quotations. Odoo ERP Sales integrates with other Odoo modules so you can also automate languages, logistics, shipping, social media marketing and accounting.

    The Best ERP Solution for Storefront and Online Sales Management
    odoo erp image, the Odoo Gold Partner for the MENA region to help SMEs and international brands streamline their sales processes. Odoo’s Sales Management ERP module lets you control and monitor your company’s entire sales and support operations.

    We are in the business to help your people do their jobs faster and better.

    Odoo ERP Software simplifies your work instead of your team learning a complex application. You can adapt Odoo to your needs. With our ERP implementation system, you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money on the transition process as well as it is cost-effective.

    Why choose, the Odoo's Gold Partner for your Business Success?

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    Discover How You Can Streamline Your Sales with ERP System

    Odoo CRM Sales Management Software with Seamless Integrations to boost Sales & Marketing Process

    Odoo ERP Sales Management System helps you to optimize and automate your:

    • Quotations via email
    • Discounts and Promotions
    • Product variants
    • Down payments
    • Invoice based on time or project milestones
    • Payment and confirmation
    • Subscriptions
    • E-Signature
    • Inventory
    • Tracking history per transaction
    • Shipment and delivery methods
    • Terms and conditions
    • Languages for international transactions
    • Foreign currencies adjustment
    • Tax and import fees as add-ons
    • Sales activity and revenue
    • Performance per salesperson or location

    Get more sales and grab a bigger market share without complexity with Sales Management System

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