How Can Asset Maintenance Management Software Boost Your Business

January 17, 2023
How Can Asset Maintenance Management Software Boost Your Business

Maintenance is an essential part of every real estate company. Properties constantly need maintenance to keep them in good conditions and prevent serious malfunctions. Until recently, most of the companies were using excel sheets and paper to manage maintenance. Now, they started shifting to asset maintenance management software.

Being here, reading this blog means that you are either planning to follow their lead, or trying to find out if it is worth it, and assessing your options. Continue reading and allow us to tell you all what you need to about asset maintenance management system software.

What is asset maintenance management software?

Asset maintenance management software, or property management software is a software that is used by real estate and property management companies. They manage and organize maintenance and ensure all their properties remain in good condition.

The novel asset management software provides easier tools for management and organization. Using this software could replace several separate tools and help speed up the workflow.

Why it is important to use building management system?

Recent surveys show that 70% of UAE residents prefer renting a property over buying one even with the drop of real estate prices during the past years. In 2022, it was estimated that there are over 1 million properties rented across the country.

To those who work in the real estate industry, those numbers resemble opportunities for business growth. Yet, such growth must be built over two pillars, keeping properties in good condition, and keeping the tenants satisfied with the service. Both require high quality maintenance.

Asset Maintenance Management Software Benefits:

Asset maintenance management software in uae to boost your business from erp consultant

Using building management system maintenance software is not only about getting the job done, but you can also do that with the old tools. It is mainly about getting the job done faster and more effectively. Property management maintenance software can help you optimize performance and increase the efficiency and here is how they can do that:

Improved data monitoring and analysis:

With a large table of tens or hundreds of cells, it is easy to miss the maintenance of one or some of the properties. This software has the solution for business success, it can track the progress of the work, notify you about uncomplete work, and tell you when something is due soon.

Improved effectiveness:

Like we said before, it is not only about getting the job done, but also about do it faster and better. Building management system maintenance allow you to do more with the same effort. This way, the employees can finish their work faster giving them more time to do more with the time saved.

The key to improving effectiveness is automation. When you set the rules, the system automatically performs the routine tasks saving you the time and effort that are wasted usually on manual work.

Proper communication:

Getting an asset management system software means that all of the maintenance team will be using the same platform. Being able to see more information will allow the teams to make the right decisions when needed and act the right way when something comes up.

Additionally, other department can use the information provided by the system faster which can improve the performance of the firm.

Increased compliance:

The maintenance management software can help the company improve their compliance to the regulation and terms agreed upon in the contracts. This can be achieved by sending notifications and reminders about the due dates and deadlines.

Cost reduction:

It can help cut costs in a number of different ways. The work will be completed with the same efforts and without the need for outside assistance since the efficiency is improved. Avoiding fines and penalties for missing deadlines is another approach.

Why request asset maintenance management software from

The next question that will pop into your mind next is why should I take the software from Odoo? You are probably saying to yourself, there are plenty of ready-made property management maintenance software. Let me just buy one of them and use it, and yes you can do that. However, here is some things to consider beforehand:

  • Ready-made software does not fulfil all your needs: The ERP software was designed to solve the general problems that every company has. When you use of them, you will probably still be needing to use other software.
  • You cannot customize or adjust: Odoo offers more customization to your company, if you need to add an extra feature, or change something in the system all you have to do is ask and we will do it.
  • Excellent support: has been providing Odoo ERP solutions for about two decades now. We have been always known for our outstanding support to our clients whenever needed.

What makes special, is that we tailor the system for your needs, and make sure it serves you well longer. We are always here for any questions you may have. Just contact us and we would be very happy to help.

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