Is Odoo the best real estate software solutions in UAE? 

December 17, 2022
Is Odoo the best real estate software solutions in UAE? 

The work in the real estate business is quite hectic. When you have tens or hundreds of properties that you need to manage or sell, taking notes on the phone or using sheets is only consuming your time. This is why you need to consider shifting to real estate software now. 

What is Real Estate Software Solutions?

Real estate software, also known as property management software, is a program used to organize and increase the efficiency of property management. Real estate software solutions can improve the communication between landlords, tenants, agents and brokers, track contracts, and organize payments, among other things. 

People need real estate software because it is hard to manage a large number of properties using conventional methods like docs, sheets, WhatsApp groups, and notes. There is a huge margin of error when you have large sheets to fill and check. 

How can Odoo help boost your Real Estate Business?

There is no Real Estate App in Odoo, yet it can be the finest solution for the business. Allow me to show you the capabilities of Odoo.

Present the apartments

You can create an interface with the images, the address, and the description. Furthermore, add the location on the map and maybe a video. 

Odoo can show all the available properties. This lets you know how to plan your work. You can have them categorized by status (sold, rented, booked, available) or by any parameters you may need. 

Track payments

With Odoo, you can manage your revenue and expenses. You can have a list of upcoming payments and see the status of the payment to know who is late and who has sent the money already. You can have another list of expenses and pay your bills on time. 

Track the progress

The power of reports can appear again because the ability to get reports is a key to having good real estate software. Have your statistics in a heartbeat. 

With a few clicks, see how many properties were sold in the past month, how many were rented, and the amount coming from each of them. Let the numbers and figures evaluate how well each business is going, and use the information to overcome your weaknesses. 

Simplify maintenance

How can you call a good real estate software solution with improper maintenance management? You can’t. With Odoo, you can:

  • Make it easy to request maintenance and even let the tenant send a video to clarify the issue. 
  • Follow up on the maintenance status. Monitoring the list according to status prevents any case from being forgotten and maintains the property in good shape.
  • Reduces the maintenance duration. When you have all the maintenance requests organized like this, you can fix everything faster. 

Manage Contracts

There is necessity of contracts management everywhere when you are in the real estate business. Tenancy contracts, sales contracts, maintenance contracts, etc., keep track of each of them and have an alert when a contract is about to expire. You can also add a way to renew the contract online or whatever you need. 

How to Choose Real Estate Software in UAE?

Before using real estate erp software for your company, stop, and think for a moment. Ask yourself, is this the right system to use? Choosing the wrong system is a waste of money and time. You will have to train your employees only to move to a new one soon. 

When you browse the web, you can see clearly that even satisfied users have issues with the software. Some of them have technical issues that need to be fixed; others may require certain services that are not there. 

We know there is no perfect software, but would it not be great if we could have something tailored only for us? Think about it, property management software made to meet your needs is definitely the best real estate software in UAE for you. 

With Odoo, this is exactly what you get, software that has the features you need and request. Just add any service you need, and the result is easier work and a boost in productivity. 

What makes Odoo a better Real Estate Software?

When compared to other crm software and platforms, Odoo Always has the upper hand. Odoo ERP CRM system offer a better and more reliable experience. here are a few reasons to go for Odoo: 

1-   Odoo system is customizable 

Customization equals power to the management. It means that you are not limited to certain functions the developers thought were enough.

2- Cost-effective prices

Unlike many famous real estate software, Odoo does not require a monthly subscription. After you pay for the project, you are not bound to pay monthly amounts to get the service. 

Furthermore, you do not pay more when you have more properties. Whether you are using the software to manage 100 or 1000 properties does not make a difference.

3- Better support 

Odoo teams continue to work with their clients after implementing the project. Whenever the clients have technical issues, the team will be present to fix them. 

4- User-friendly interface

Tenants, landlords, and brokers can enjoy all the features and tell how to use the software easily. Everything is organized and clear. 

Is Odoo the best ERP software? Just Make an appointment with Odoo developers and explore the benefits of Odoo ERP for your business.

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