Best HR Management Software in the UAE to Track, Evaluate and Report Employee Performance

February 16, 2024
Best HR Management Software in the UAE to Track, Evaluate and Report Employee Performance

Every business whether in Dubai, or outside the UAE sets a target for their employees to achieve. Targets can motivate employees and urge them to develop their skills to constantly improve their, however, not everyone can find the right part on their own.

One of the major tasks of HR department is to help their staff develop their skills, and ensure they get the sufficient training. To ensure employees are getting better, tracking and evaluating employees’ performance is needed.

Difficulties Businesses Face in Tracking Target Achievements

Despite the importance of employees’ performance evaluation, businesses can have some obstructions.

Inadequate Tools

Targets can be monitored and tracked when the only KPI is sales, but when there is more, lacking proper tools or software can make tracking cumbersome and inaccurate.


Tracking and evaluation can take long time especially with lots of employees, and insufficient tools. Time is critical here because there are together tasks such to be done like payroll management, attendance, etc.

Data Overload

If there are too many metrics being tracked, it can lead to information overload, making it difficult to focus on key performance indicators.

How Can Odoo HR Management Software Streamline HR Processes

Odoo has already proved to be helpful to hundreds of businesses in the region, especially when it comes to its powerful HR properties. Odoo cloud HR software is designed and developed to make tracking performance easier.

Centralized Data Storage

Odoo keeps all the information needed in one place. All information regarding an employee, from recruitment to retirement can be accesses from the employee profile.

With the integration with other systems like sales, and CRM, it is possible to track the revenues achieved by the employee, the number of clients they have contacted, and more.

Customizable Appraisals

Odoo allows for the creation of customizable appraisal plans to automate the process and provide faster initial evaluation. It is possible to define different performance indicators and set periodic evaluations, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually.

360-degree Feedback

Odoo supports 360-degree evaluations, allowing peers, managers, subordinates, and even the employees themselves to provide feedback.

Goal Setting and Tracking

To Achieve goals, they need to be well defined and clear. Odoo allows managers to set specific performance goals for their team members with real-time tracking of these goals.

All employees have to do is to update their progress daily, and the reports will be modified and updated.

Automatic Reminders

Odoo can be configured to send automatic reminders for evaluations, ensuring that performance assessments are conducted on schedule.

Feedback and Notes

With clear progress tracking, it is easy to spot problems and obstacles. Managers can provide feedback directly on the platform and attached notes and feedback to their employees.

Skill Management

Odoo’s HR module lets you track and manage the skills of your employees, ensuring that they are aligned with their performance goals and the organization’s requirements.

Why is Odoo HR Employee Management Software Better Than Other Software?

Modular Design

With Odoo’s modular design, businesses like yours can create the best HR employee management software that fits their needs. You can pick the modules you need, and tailor the system to your unique business model.

Customization Flexibility

Odoo is an open-source software therefore you can customize the modules you requested to add extra features that can make your work easier.


Businesses grow, and their requirements change. Odoo has a good understanding of this, thus they developed the system to be upgradable at any given time. Whenever you need an extra feature, all you have to do is to call Odoo partners and request the upgrade.


Businesses with branches in different countries have staff of different nationalities. With Odoo, this is not an issue, the system can be translated to many languages.

How Ensures Giving you the Best HR Management System Software UAE

The UAE has a highly competitive market, where you need to get better tools to outperform your competitors. In we can help you get the best HR Software UAE and here is how

  1. Consulting: Our consultant will start by having a meeting with you and your team to understand your business needs and requirements. From there, we can suggest you the best HR management Software and know what features you need to have there.
  2. Customization: When the plan is ready, our developers will make the customization adding all the features you need to the system ensuring you get exactly what you need to streamline your operations.
  3. Integration: Your need to use other systems in your business does not affect the fact that you can manage your business from Odoo. We’ll integrate your system to any 3rd party apps you need.
  4. Training: All of our clients will get training sessions to prepare your staff for the transition to the new system.
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