Creating and Securing Patients Record in a Hospital Management System

February 12, 2024
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  • Creating and Securing Patients Record in a Hospital Management System
Creating and Securing Patients Record in a Hospital Management System

Good patient care in a hospital takes more than having good doctors and medical team. Hospitals also require an advanced Patient Record Management System to help managing their medical records.

Medical records are essential to provide high-end patient care because they deliver vital information to doctors about their patients. Information patients may not tell them thinking they are not relevant, or for other reasons.

What is the main purpose for a patient record?

The primary reason of keeping patients’ medical records is to provide a file for patients with their medical history. These documents should include information and data about chief complaint, history of present illness, past medical history, family history, medications they use, allergies they have.

On top of that, hospitals can also store in their records other information such as lab results, treatments with dates, the treating doctors, and personal contact information as well.

Having these medical records is essential to improving patient care, as they provide vital information and data about patients’ health and condition.

Problems with Traditional Patient Record Management System in Healthcare Industry

While hospitals have replaced traditional paper-based patient medical records long time ago, most of them are now using digitized alternatives such as excel sheets or other software that basic.

It is not all about having a digital system and using a computer and/or a mobile phone to enter data, it is about having a management system that solves your problems and improves your efficiency. Let me tell you some of the problems you face with these issues:

Limitations in Data Entry

Excel sheets and basic software are prone to human errors during data entry, which can result in incorrect patient information, misdiagnoses, or inappropriate treatments.

No Integration

It is not possible to integrate basic systems with other apps or systems which means, after each treatment session, you will have to enter the treatment details in one place, then go to another one to create the invoice, after that you will have to register the medications prescribed to the patient and probably send an email to the pharmacy give the medicine to the patient.

Inefficiency in Retrieving Records

Data will be stored in different files in separate departments; therefore, doctors will find it hard to get the records fast, especially if hospitals have various branches and data is stored locally in certain one.

Even if you are visiting the same branch, doctor assistant may have to look you up in different files, trying to remember when your last visit was which is not sufficient.

Lack of Real-time Collaboration

Many old systems are made to help certain departments, so if you have a file in cardiology, ophthalmology department may not be able to access your files and view your medical history. Or even worse, they may have access to old version of it, not knowing about the new updates.

Limited Scalability

Healthcare facilities grows, and so do their needs. If you are using excel sheets or other old program, it might not be possible to update the system to add new features. This can leave with some solutions such as using new apps for the new needed features which is not good because you will end up with two data bases.

How Odoo HMS Hospital Management System Improves Your Patient Medical Record Management

You probably have already heard of odoo, as it is one of the main choices for hospitals and clinics looking for a customized HMS. Odoo does not only provide simple and easy interface for hospital staff to use, but also enables patients to view their information and certain data such as lab results.

If you have odoo HMS Hospital Management System for your clinic and/or hospital, you will enjoy the following:

Seamless Integration

Odoo Integration make it easy to save your effort and time. It will be possible to link patient profile with pharmacy, laboratory, and other relevant systems. So, whenever something is added or updated on any of these systems, the others will be updated as well.

Reduced Data Entry

Odoo HMS integration will reduce the need for data entry because you can automate processes to ensure both efficiency and accuracy. Assuming a patient got an appointment today, as soon as it is registered an invoice can be created for the correct payment.

Scalable System

Odoo is an open-source software, with modular structure. This means that it can be customized and upgraded anytime you need. Your Odoo hospital management system software will always meet your requirements and demands.

Patient Engagement Tools

Odoo can integrate with or patient portals, allowing patients to book appointments, view their records, and communicate with healthcare providers. You will make it easier for patients, and your staff will be able to manage all from within the system.

Fast Access to Medical Records

Odoo hospital management system software allows doctors to access patients files anywhere, anytime. All they need to do is to log in to the system, and search for patient name and they will have all the information shown on the screen.

It does not matter if the patient is being treated in another branch, or other department. Their data can be viewed by authorized users when needed.

How To Get the Patient Record Management System?

Odoo is mainly special due its customization abilities. Odoo customization allow us to tailor the system to add features you need, and integrate systems within Odoo, or link Odoo with other apps as well.

Customization requires knowledge, and Odoo expertise which we provide to you here in Oakland the top Odoo GOLD PARTNER in the UAE. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to discuss your unique needs for Healthcare Software Solutions with a Secured Patient Record Management System, and we’ll gladly help you get what you need exactly the way you want it.

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