6 Most Common Manufacturing ERP Software Systems Challenges & How to Overcome Them with Odoo ERP Software

April 25, 2023
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  • 6 Most Common Manufacturing ERP Software Systems Challenges & How to Overcome Them with Odoo ERP Software
6 Most Common Manufacturing ERP Software Systems Challenges & How to Overcome Them with Odoo ERP Software

Manufacturing high-quality products that satisfy customers’ needs while making good profit is never an easy job. It requires careful planning, efficient execution, constant innovation and quality control. Manufacturers always face several challenges while trying to balance the demands of the market, the expectations of the customers and the costs of production. Surely these challenges are disruptive, but they can be solved especially with a good Manufacturing ERP Software Systems.

Here are the 6 most common challenges facing the industry, and how the ERP software for Manufacturing industry can solve them.

Forecasting Demand for Products

Forecasting demand is a crucial for manufacturers who want to optimize their production and avoid unnecessary costs. The only question is possible to do it? And the answer is yes, you can at least have an estimate of the demand based on your data and reports if you have manufacturing ERP software systems.

Predict how much of your products will be sold in the future and plan your inventory level based on the estimation and reduce your storage costs and fees by hundreds and thousands of dirhams.

Forecasting demand does not only aim to save money. Knowing there is an opportunity coming means that you can prepare yourself and seize the chance before others even realize what happened. When you are already there with the needed merchandise, consumers will come to you first asking to buy what you have, and they can become regular customers who can get you more money.

Now you are wondering how can you forecast the market with an ERP? To explain it to you have to know that Odoo manufacturing ERP System uses the advanced tools to analyze your business data to help you discover trends in the market. You can spot the trends from:

  1. Odoo Detailed Reports: Reports of sales and revenues for each product helping businesses estimate the demand.
  2. Odoo’s Graphs: Demand can be seasonal sometimes, predicting seasonal demand is the best way to get prepared. Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software Systems allows businesses to analyze sales over long periods of time to help them predict the rise for demand to each product.

Controlling and Managing Inventory with Odoo ERP

Manufacturers often face challenges managing their inventory efficiently for many reasons especially if they have limited storage space. Limited storage room prevents them from stocking up on raw material or finished goods without risking wastage or obsolescence.

Manufacturer must also monitor and track the quality and expiry dates for the material that are stored, ensuring they are not obsolete. This will help prevent wastage, reduce costs, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Odoo has exceptional inventory features that can help facilitate various aspects of inventory management. For instance, Odoo can:

  • Track the items that are in stock, in transit, or reserved for orders.
  • Alert the users about the expiry dates of perishable items.
  • Signal management about the low stock levels of critical items.

Moreover, Odoo can help manage different warehouses. It can help identify the materials that are incorrectly located or misplaced and suggest the best locations for storing or transferring them.

Shortage of Skilled Labors

Many manufacturers are facing a shortage of skilled labor in their industries. Skilled labors is essential to maintain quality, productivity and innovation in their products and services. However, due to different factors many manufacturers are struggling to find and retain skilled workers.

The first step to solve the issue is having an effective HR department to help attract skilled labor for an organization. However, to get the mission done, they need to have what it takes to find the best out of hundreds of applicants like Odoo HRMS.

Odoo HRMS System can help businesses manage their human resources efficiently offering many benefits to get skilled labor, such as:

  • Recruitment: Odoo HRMS allows businesses to create and publish job offers, track applications, and streamline the hiring process. Odoo ERP HRMS also integrates with LinkedIn and other platforms to attract and source qualified candidates.
  • Training: Odoo HRMS enables them to plan and organize training sessions, assign courses to employees, and monitor their progress and performance.
  • Performance: Odoo HRMS helps businesses to set goals and objectives, evaluate employees’ performance, and provide feedback and recognition.
  • Compensation: Odoo HRMS assists businesses to design and implement fair and competitive compensation plans, including salary, bonuses, benefits, and incentives. Odoo HRMS also automates payroll and tax calculations and generates reports and pay slips.
  • Retention: Odoo HRMS ERP Software supports businesses to retain their skilled labor by offering them career development opportunities, succession planning, and talent management.

Managing Sales Leads

Managing sales leads for manufacturers is a crucial process that can help increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Sales leads are potential customers who have expressed interest in a product or service but have not yet made a purchase. By following up with these leads in a timely and personalized manner, manufacturers can build trust and rapport, identify their needs and preferences, and offer solutions that match their expectations.

High-quality leads management can result in higher conversion rates, repeat business, and referrals. Therefore, manufacturers should pay it more attention and focus on improving it. How do you get the best leads management? By getting the best ERP System for manufacturers.

Using Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software Systems can help manufacturers in several ways, such as:

  • Allowing manufacturers to track and qualify leads from multiple sources, such as website, email, phone or social media: Leads then can be assigned to sales teams or individuals based on predefined rules or criteria. Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software Systems also provides tools for scoring and nurturing leads, as well as converting them into opportunities and quotations.
  • Create and send professional quotations with accurate pricing and product information: Quotations can be customized with templates, discounts, taxes and terms and conditions. Odoo ERP also allows customers to accept or reject quotations online, as well as sign contracts electronically.

Scaling the business with best Manufacturing ERP Software Systems

Scaling a manufacturing business can bring many benefits, such as increased revenue, market share, efficiency, and innovation. However, it also comes with challenges and risks, such as increased costs, complexity, competition, and uncertainty.

It is important to carefully evaluate your readiness and feasibility before scaling your manufacturing business. However, knowing that you are ready to go bigger is a tough call since there are many variables that could affect the decision.

Using a Manufacturing ERP Software systems is a huge step towards helping manufacturers scale their businesses. Not only Odoo ERP Software can help you know that you are ready to grow, but also provide the tools to achieve smoother scaling by improving: 

  • Collaboration: Odoo ERP system enables better communication and coordination among different departments, teams, partners and suppliers.
  • Coordination: Odoo can help managing product lifecycle from design to delivery. It allows manufacturers to plan and schedule production, monitor inventory levels, track orders and shipments, manage quality and compliance, and optimize resources.
  • Visibility:  It provides visibility and control over the entire supply chain, enabling manufacturers to respond quickly to changing customer demands and market conditions.
  • Centralization: Odoo is comprehensive ERP system that consolidates all the data and information from various sources into a single database.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance is essential part of manufacturing business, yet it is one of the main challenges as well.

Maintenance can be preventive, or corrective, and either way, it is vital to keeping the manufacturing smooth. Because the last thing manufacturers would want is to have their production stopped.

Odoo ERP is a software system that can help manufacturers improve their maintenance processes and reduce downtime. Some of the benefits of ERP for manufacturing company are:

  • Automation: Odoo ERP can automate preventive maintenance tasks based on real-time data and statistics, such as mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and expected next failure date.
  • Master Data Management: Odoo ERP can centralize and manage all the information related to maintenance, such as equipment, spare parts, suppliers, contracts, warranties, etc.
  • Quality Control: Odoo ERP can integrate quality checks and alerts into the maintenance process, ensuring that the equipment meets the required standards and specifications.
  • Forecasting: Odoo ERP can use historical data and advanced algorithms to forecast the future demand and supply of maintenance resources, such as labor, materials, tools, etc.
  • Managing the workforce: Odoo ERP can help assign and schedule maintenance tasks to the right workers based on their skills, availability, and location.
  • Returns: Odoo ERP can help manage the return and repair process of defective or damaged products or parts. It can also handle warranty claims and customer service requests efficiently.

ERP System for Manufacturing Company

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