Trading and Distribution Management

Trading and Distribution Management

What's the best way to juggle a thousand tasks without making errors in the trading and distribution industry? The answer: Odoo.


Odoo Transforms Your Trading and Distribution Business So You Can Compete and Dominate

Odoo makes your personnel jobs easier by streamlining and connecting your processes. Whether you are in the warehousing, trading, distribution or a mixture of these businesses, Odoo has customized modules that fit your unique requirements. Companies that implemented Odoo realized reduced time spent on daily documentation and monitoring. It improves employee efficiency by reducing the need to do manual input and double data entry. All it takes is one input per action, then everything updates inside the system.

Cut manual time-consuming processes and grow your trading and distribution business exponentially with

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Get Better Transparency with Centralized Data

Odoo’s integrated ERP has centralized data so you can see the project management tasks and updates. Its easy to delegate, follow up and do relationship management when all workflows are documented. Personnel from other departments and locations can view the right information even without asking the other team. This ensures efficiency and faster collaboration across various processes.

Having Odoo is like having a dedicated logistic manager that works for you 24/7 without rest. Odoo for Trading and Distribution is the best helper for your business.

Odoo for Efficient Purchase Management

Back during the old days, you have to manually email, call and compare your vendor quotations. This is too time-consuming for all parties involved. Odoo makes purchasing easy by enabling automated Requests for Quotations (RFQ) to your vendors and suppliers. You can set your own stock level, logistic rules and manufacturing forecast – then Odoo will implement according to you set parameters. The customized module compares prices and helps you to make the best purchasing decisions. The system can consider various contract conditions, supplier capability and internal policies.

Odoo optimizes your:


Fleet Management

Customer Relationship Management


Point of Sale

Receiving and Dispatch

Scheduling Tasks

Human Resource Management

Payroll and Expenses

Product Kit Management

Keep your restaurant customers happy and your business healthy by letting Odoo take care of your restaurant operations.

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