Virtual Tours: The New Way to Sell Real Estate

Investing in a property in Dubai is a great investment with high returns, and people worldwide want to invest in Dubai’s real estate regardless of whether they are inside or outside the UAE. However, would not buyers be more convinced when they are able to see the property?

Well, you can invite people to examine properties wherever they are with the help of odoo. Here is how odoo can help you create virtual tours for your clients 

The Power of Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer potential buyers or renters a 360-degree view of a property, allowing them to explore it in detail from the comfort of their own homes. This immersive experience gives them a better understanding of the property’s layout, features, and overall feel, which traditional photos or descriptions may not fully convey.

In the current global climate, where social distancing and remote interactions have become the norm, virtual tours have proven to be an invaluable tool. They allow real estate businesses to continue showcasing their properties while ensuring the safety and convenience of their clients. A Game-Changer for Real Estate Businesses’s ERP software for real estate is designed to cater to the unique needs of the industry. It integrates key business processes such as property management, sales and marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and financial management into a single, unified system.

One of the standout features of’s Real estate software is its capability to facilitate the creation of virtual tours. The system allows real estate businesses to easily upload and manage 360-degree images or videos of their properties. These virtual tours can then be seamlessly integrated into the property listings on their websites or online platforms.

Moreover, the software’s CRM module enables businesses to track which clients have viewed the virtual tours, providing valuable insights into client engagement. This data can be used to follow up with potential buyers or renters, further increasing the chances of closing deals.

Accelerating Sales and Rentals

By offering virtual tours, real estate businesses can reach a wider audience, as potential clients can view properties regardless of their location. This not only increases the visibility of the properties but also accelerates the sales or rental process. Clients can shortlist properties based on the virtual tours before scheduling in-person visits, making the process more efficient for both the clients and the real estate businesses.

Virtual tours add a competitive edge to property listings, making them more appealing and engaging. This can significantly enhance the business’s brand image and reputation in the market.

How Can Odoo ERP Systems Help Create Virtual Reality

Creating a virtual tour is not usually easy, but you can have it when you have OdooERP system. Here is how Odoo can facilitate creating virtual tours and make it easier to visit properties without flying to another countries.

360-Degree Photography

One of the standout features of Odoo is its ability to facilitate 360-degree photography. This feature allows real estate businesses to capture comprehensive views of their properties, providing potential buyers with a more detailed and realistic perspective than traditional photos.

These 360-degree images can be seamlessly integrated into a virtual tour, allowing clients to explore the property at their own pace and from various angles. This level of interactivity can significantly enhance the client’s viewing experience, making your property listings more appealing.

Video Integration

In addition to 360-degree photography, Odoo also supports video integration. Videos can provide a dynamic and immersive view of the property, allowing potential buyers to experience the property’s layout and features more vividly. Whether it’s a walkthrough of the property or a drone footage showcasing the property’s exterior and surrounding area, videos can significantly enhance the quality of your virtual tours.

Text and Audio Descriptions

To provide a more informative experience, Odoo allows users to add text and audio descriptions to their virtual tours. This feature can be used to highlight the property’s key features, share information about the local area, or provide any other relevant details. This additional layer of information can help potential buyers understand the property better, aiding their decision-making process.

Easy Sharing

Once a virtual tour has been created, Odoo makes it easy to share it with potential buyers. Whether it’s through email, social media, or directly on the Odoo website, businesses can reach a wider audience and provide them with an engaging and interactive property viewing experience. This not only increases the visibility of the property but also allows businesses to cater to remote buyers, expanding their market reach.


ERP software solution for Real Estate Business with New Era Virtual Tours

In conclusion,’s ERP software is a powerful tool that can transform the way real estate businesses operate. By leveraging its virtual tour capabilities, businesses can enhance their property listings, reach a wider audience, and accelerate their sales and rental processes. In the fast-paced and competitive world of real estate, embracing such innovative solutions is the key to success.

Want to take your Real estate business to a whole new different level? We can help you do that. Just schedule a meeting with us and let us plan an ERP for your real estate business.

Advantages of Odoo Cloud-Based Clinic Management System

Clinics are gradually implementing ERP System to automate their operations and increase their efficiency in order to manage administrative problems and satisfy the evolving demands of patients for an outstanding clinic management system.

This shift toward technology is directly related to the inefficiency of manual patient management systems and the difficulty of storing and securing data. Cloud-based clinic management system is designed and made to manage all aspects of clinic operations,

It is not only about the ability of cloud-based systems to manage operations but also about being able to streamline them. Healthcare ERP software can easily boost the productivity and efficiency of hospitals and clinics with the help of automation. 

Access Up-to-Date Information Whenever and Wherever You Want.

Patient’s data and information change constantly. With every visit to the clinic, there is new information, another lab test, and an extra medication prescription. Cloud-based management systems allow doctors and healthcare staff to access the latest version of patients’ data regardless of the type of device they use, or the place they access from. 

The treating doctor will immediately have access to the medical history even when the patient is visiting a different branch of the hospital, even if the branch is located in another emirate or even country.  

They can also give patients better medical advice in case of emergencies when they are away from the hospital because they only need a phone, or a laptop to access the system. 

It is not only about doctors and patients. Management software and cloud solutions allow managers to view vital staff database and information, search in it based on skill, availably, and attendance and use the results to make better decisions for the hospital, 

Successful Execution of Collaborative Work with Fellow Team Members

Cloud-based practice management software offers a collaborative platform for healthcare practitioners, enabling authorized users to access and share information seamlessly. The utilization of cloud portals facilitates the consolidation of pertinent patient data, hence resulting in a notable reduction in the time required for data management, transfer and uploading.

The implementation of these technologies facilitates communication and enables the identification of possible concerns, hence enhancing the overall continuity of care for patients.

Benefits of clinic software include the ability to work collaboratively on one document. Assuming you need a certain document (such as a salary certificate), you just log in to the system and request it, then the request will be sent to all responsible parties immediately.

Responsible users can access the document and sign, or fill required information at the same time, and save their edits, and all the changes will be saved in a centralized database. When the work is finally done, you will receive a notification to download the document. 

Collaboration tools in hospital management systems can speed up administrative tasks and save both time and effort while also reducing errors. 

Digitalizing Documents and Medical Records

Keeping writing notes and paper files can be very time-consuming and requires a lot of work to make sure everything is in its place and organized, especially for hospitals and clinics with multiple branches. Even if there is only one branch, managing hundreds of files during busy periods of the day or year can be overwhelming for administrative staff. 

The shift to cloud-based software eliminates the need to monitor this information, as data is stored in a secure online centralized database. 

Clinic management system allows for syncing processes also makes retrieving and processing information much quicker, allowing your business to increase productivity with a seamless workflow. It allows clinics staff to spend less time on data entry and make fewer mistakes as a result of digitization, which reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Cloud-Based Clinic Management System Software Integrations 

A reliable and comprehensive cloud-based clinic Management system must integrate with all platforms and portals you employ in your business.

Its compatibility and ability to connect with other platforms enables you to accomplish more duties, faster and more effectively in addition to gaining greater flexibility in the clinic CRM software with which you can work.

You can, for instance, link your hospital management system to WhatsApp and have automated messages sent to patients or connect it to your current billing software to keep an accurate billing record.

The extent of integrations depends on the system you use, there are certain systems and management solutions that offer limited integration, while other cloud-based ERP solutions such as Odoo ERP give you more options for integrations with 3rd party apps. 

Easier and simpler Medical Billing Process 

Using cloud systems simplifies billing management significantly. The cloud program stores all medical records and data in one unified database accessible to everyone. This improves the accuracy of your billing because equipment and medical services can be easily checked across different activities in real time. This increases the likelihood that insurance claims will be approved. Because this process can be time-consuming.

Features Clinic Solution Software Can Offer

Using a Clinic Solution Software not only ensures patient care but also keeps your staff satisfied with the help of many key features that can save time and make management much easier.

Asset Management

Cloud technology provides a consolidated database for tracking hospital and clinic assets, which include anything from medical equipment and devices to decor and IT infrastructure. Each clinic asset is labelled with relevant details such as the purchase date, warranty information, location, and user assignment. This allows for the quick retrieval of asset information as needed, reducing time waste and ensuring accurate electronic medical records.

Document Management

Management software makes healthcare facilities able to store and organize documents in just one location, allowing them to be easily submitted, categorized, and retrieved.  It also ensures data security and privacy by allowing access restrictions based on user roles and responsibilities. 

Furthermore, healthcare management system facilitates collaboration and workflow automation through version control, approval processes, and connectivity with other modules. With the help of OCR technology, the clinic system makes it easier to turn a mere paper into digital text just with a few clicks so you can turn the hospital into a paperless facility. 

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

With real-time reporting and analytics, clinic management system enables management to monitor and assess clinic operations more efficiently and make better decisions to stay on top of all rivals. One of the main advantages of medical practice management software solutions is to have a dynamic and insightful method for monitoring and assessing clinic operations.

Real-time reporting and analytics are invaluable tools for driving continuous improvement and ensuring that clinics remain at the vanguard of providing quality healthcare services in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Multi-Branch Clinic Management System

Hospitals and clinics with multiple branches require a way to manage the business as a whole, while also monitoring each branch separately and keeping an eye on its financial performance. Multi-office or multi-company is among the main advantage of cloud based Odoo ERP system

Using best software for clinic management from Odoo with this feature allows administrators to improve the performance of each branch which in turn will be reflected on the business success. 

Laboratory Information Management

Every clinic or hospital needs a user-friendly management system to help manage labs.  Lab information systems can help you with the management of lab tests, results, and even instruments. The systems also keep records and history for past tests tagged with dates and names of responsible doctors to ensure better patient care. 

How to Get Best Software for Clinic Management

While you are exploring system that helps healthcare improve their performance, you may have noticed that each one you come across is different in terms of features of hospital management or limitations. 

You need software that helps your business now, and later as your operations grow, and since each and every clinic has a unique business model, your best choice to enjoy all the advantages of clinic management system is to get a system that is tailored for your business. 

Oakland, cloud-based ERP software for Clinic Management fits your modern practice needs and provides you with the ability to update the software for clinic management and add any new features you may need in the future.     

How Can Hospital Management Systems Improve Patient Care 

Hospital management system is a great tool for managing administrative tasks in hospitals and clinics. It can help in various tasks from scheduling appointments to managing patients’ profiles, and while it seems that it can only make life easier for hospital staff, the effect is far broader and can enhance patients experience. 

But, is it not software to improve management? Yes it is, yet with the help of a hospital management system, hospitals and clinics can Improve patients’ care significantly. In this article, we are going to explain to you how can it do so. 

What is Hospital Management System?

An HMS hospital management system refers to a comprehensive software application that effectively manages several components of clinic operations, encompassing administrative, medical, legal, and financial issues.

There are plenty of Hospital management systems, some of them are ready-made software, and others are customized (such as Odoo ERP hospital management systems). The features offered by each of them, along with the pricing all vary, depending on both the software and the needs of businesses.

You can have a hospital management system with tools for financial management, or maybe with Human Resource Management System (HRMS). If your hospitals have several cars, it is possible to have fleet management included. in other words, Cloud based Hospital Management Software can be flexible and provide healthcare facilities with different tools to run their operations more efficiently. 

Patient Records in Hospital Management Software 

Hospitals need to create a profile for each patient that comes to the hospital. These records must contain their personal information and contact information.  They also need to keep records of visits, screenings, lab results, and other medical information. 

Without an HMS Software, hospitals would face a problem if the patient went to another branch for any reason. Doctors may not be able to get the medical history, or they may get outdated data that can lead to a false diagnosis. 

On the other hand, Cloud based ERP systems help hospitals manage patients’ data more efficiently and easily. All of their records will be stored in a centralized system accessible by doctors in all departments. Any change made by the hospital will be updated in real-time, leading to more accurate database and better diagnosis and medical care. 

Enhanced Coordination Between Hospital Departments

Multidisciplinary care is a necessary component of modern healthcare. Collaboration among hospital departments may improve the diagnosis process, improve treatment outcomes, and produce a more comprehensive medical plan for patients. 

After the initial consultation, doctors may ask patients to perform lab tests or may even refer them to other departments for more targeted examination and diagnosis. Healthcare Software gives healthcare providers better communication tools to reduce patients’ waiting times and improve the quality of patient care. 

Doctors can use the ERP system to create actions of the required tests under patients’ names, and the system will automatically generate tasks in these departments along with bills. Management modules may also have tools to add notes or memos to other healthcare organization staff if needed. 

Remote Access and Telemedicine

Doctors are always on duty, regardless of where they are they are always receiving calls from patients, especially in urgent situations. Modern hospital management system software grants healthcare providers access anywhere, anytime and also supports multiple platforms. They can have access to patient information from their phones or laptops and prescribe meds or order lab tests for their patients without even being in the hospital. 

Automated Reminders and Updates

Patients frequently overlook scheduled consultations and exams, resulting in delayed diagnosis, interrupted treatment programs, and, ultimately, inferior healthcare results. This is an issue for both patients and luckily it can be solved easily with Clinic Management Software

These systems can provide patients with timely and personalized reminders via multiple communication channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • WhatsApp Messages

Reminders can be as simple as a text message notifying the patient of an impending appointment or as sophisticated as a multi-step notification system that includes medication timings, preparation for medical testing, and post-visit follow-ups. 

These reminders not only help to optimize hospital processes by minimizing no-shows and last-minute cancellations, but they also inspire patients to take a more proactive approach to their treatment.

Quick Access to Hospital Information System with Patient Portal

Many cloud-based hospital management software includes a patient portal to allow patients to interact with their healthcare providers and access various medical services. Patients can access these portals via hospital websites, or applications and either way, they lead to better patient care. and here is how:

Easy Access to Medical Records

Patient portals let normal users access patient data and check information. Patients can use portals to check their lab tests and edit their personal information and contact information easily without the need to contact hospital staff saving time and effort for both. Having this information at their fingertips empowers them to be more proactive about their health.

Appointment Scheduling and Health Management

Portals can make appointment management also easier because it is possible to link them to the appointment scheduling system allowing patients to book appointments through the app and choose the time that suits them best. 

Billing and Payment

Portals in HMS software can provide various tools for digital payments such as payment links, or bank transactions. Furthermore, patients can have a full history of every payment with the amount and date. 

Portals enhance transparency between patients and hospital management which can significantly improve patient satisfaction.

Prescription Refills

For patients on long-term medication, the ability to request prescription refills through the portal can be a significant advantage. This saves time and adds another layer of convenience.

Hospital Management System Software Modules that you must have for Efficient Management of Patient Care

1. Patient Management:

This module would manage all patient-related information, from personal details to medical history. Features might include appointment scheduling, registration, and emergency services. It could also include a patient portal for better patient engagement.

2. Clinical Module:

This would be focused on clinical functionalities like Electronic Health Records (EHR), lab requests, diagnosis, treatment plans, and prescription management. The idea is to give healthcare providers easy access to patient medical history, test results, and treatment plans, all from a single dashboard.

3. Inventory and Pharmacy Management:

This module would manage the hospital’s inventory, including medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. It could handle purchase orders, stock levels, and even drug expiration dates. Integration with the pharmacy could enable prescription management directly through the system.

4. Billing and Finance:

This module would be responsible for handling all financial transactions, including patient billing, insurance claims, and other accounting activities. It could offer features such as invoicing, automated billing, and financial reporting.

For Hospital Management System in UAE, is one among the leading provider of HMS Software in the UAE. Cloud-based ERP System is designed to streamline and automate hospital operations, from patient registration and scheduling to electronic health records (EHR) management and billing.

If you are a healthcare provider in the UAE or in the middle east, you can request a free demo of hospital management system from, the top ERP Consultant one among in UAE. The demo will showcase you the benefits of hospital software in your organization.