6 Benefits of Real Estate ERP System

Real estate business is one of the major businesses in the UAE. The high demand has created a very competitive market. Thousands of real estate companies and agencies are competing to have a larger share. Yet only few of them real estate developers are using real estate ERP system.

ERP systems, or Enterprise resource planning systems are the present and the future for business management.

How Can Real Estate ERP System Help?

The answer is automation. The system will alter any data that is related to the information you change. If an apartment was rented to a customer, the system can take this apartment from the list of available properties, create dates for the rent collection, add the rent to the company revenue, etc.

Here are some of the benefits of ERP software for real estate company.

Automates all the work.

There are a lot of data and information needed in the different departments of real estate companies. The old methods take a lot of time to get the job done. Furthermore, the more manual work you have, the more mistakes you can make.

ERP Software allow you to have several tasks done automatically in matter of seconds. Just add few information, some clicks and the system take care of the rest.

    Keeps Your Data in One Place.

    A typical real estate company have different departments like sales, contracts, financial, legal, human resources, and business development. Each department always need information and data from the others. In a traditional module, it takes a lot of time and effort to communicate with other departments. Bad communications slow the workflow which is bad for the business.

    ERP systems provides one platform to store all the information where every employee can access. Departments can have access to the information at real time. Monitoring the work flow speed can influence how the teams have to adapt and alter their working pace.

    ERP Strengthen the Relationship with the Client.

    To have a successful real estate company in the UAE, you need to have a good connection with the clients. With many competitors out there trying to steal your clients, you need to make sure you have them with you till the closing of the deal. How to do this? Stay connected with them via CRM.

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) keeps you connected with the clients. You can have their information easily, arrange them into the right lists. In other words, the system help you stay on the same page with the clients and keep them happy. Satisfied customers mean more closed deals, more revenue, and maybe some referral to other prospects. Know the Reasons Why Real Estate CRM Software Can Prevent Failure.

    Lowers the Expenses

    Profiting business model has more revenues and less expenses. Growing the gap between them is the key to increase your earnings. How to do that? Increase your revenue, decrease the expenses or both.

    Real estate ERP systems lowers the expenses in different ways. It can alert the company when a new property is available to provide the needed maintenance and rent it sooner. The company dispense of different software and platforms they use to mange their work and use only one system. The most important part, is the system increases the efficiency of the employees therefore they will work faster which saves more money and generates more revenue.

    Improve the Decision-Making Process

    Decision making is the toughest part of management. Choosing the right path of the company is not as easy as it seems. Yet, with better data the image begets clearer. When ERP systems keep all the data organized in one place, it is easier to have access them and analyze them.

    Good ERP Software for Real Estate Business provide all the information you need. You get to know who your best customers are, what divisions are making you the most money, when are the best times for business, and more.

    Enhances Marketing Strategies

    ERP systems can improve marketing strategies in multiple ways. First of all, ERP gives them easy access on the current customers information to build a good strategy and know their targeted audience. Then it gives them clearer data of the market and the prices which is essential to the strategy.

    How to choose the best Real Estate Software Solutions for Business?

    Due to the cost needed to implement the ERP system and the time needed to do that, Real estate companies want to make sure they choose the right software. The question is how do you choose the best software?

    The Best Real Estate Software Solutions must have:

    1. All the real estate features need to run the business efficiently.
    2. User friendly interface
    3. Good maintenance service
    4. Customizability for future development

    You can either look for one of the available real estate cloud software or have an ERP Software built specifically for your real estate business. The available tools have good features, many companies use them already. However, there are always some down sides. Make sure to choose for real estate software solutions wisely.

    OdooERP.ae is a leading ERP software developer in the UAE that specializes in providing Comprehensive Software for Real Estate Developers. Implementing the best Real Estate ERP System tailored to your unique requirements can help streamline your real estate operations and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. Register for a Free Real Estate Management Software Demo – See How We Can Supercharge Your Real Estate Business Growth.

    Ready to Simplify Lease Management? How can Lease Management Software help in Real Estate Business?

    The UAE is land of the dreams, people each year thousands travel to Dubai or Sharjah to find better paying jobs with respected companies. People who are pursue opportunities usually prefer to lease a house while they are in the UAE. Leasing a house is cheaper options and provides more flexibility to the tenant thus it is the most common choice.

    Due to this high demand, some real estate companies may have to handle hundreds of leases monthly. Dealing with these big numbers is no easy task, even for big companies. Many companies may face challenges while managing leases.

    What Do Property Lease Management Companies Do?

    Real estate agents know exactly how challenging rental management can be. Rental management involves handling the needs of both landlords, and tenants. The required tasks may include the following:

    • Managing the leases and documents related to the properties: handling the paperwork for hundreds of properties is a hard and time-consuming task.
    • Dealing with tenants’ request: Tenants may have different needs and request all the time. Th real estate company needs to make sure the address them properly to keep them pleased.
    • Maintenance: rent contracts usually involve free maintenance. Real estate agents have to deal with maintenance request all the time to fix any malfunction and ensure the property remain in good condition.
    • Rent collecting: contracts vary when it comes to paying the rent. The payment may be required monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It is the duty of the real estate company to keep track of each contract and collect the money accordingly. Know the benefits of implementing Contract Management System for Business.
    • Contract renewal: Contracts need to be renewed or terminated upon expiry. Contract renewal can be a bit challenging because it can involve changes in some terms such as the amount of rent.

    Leasing and Property Management

    At the age of technology, real estate agents shifted to spread sheets, note apps on the mobile, SMS and WhatsApp messaging only to find out they do not help much. The best alternative is using property management software.

    What is Property Lease Management Software?

    A special software designed to fulfill the need of real estate companies. Property lease management software offer a variety of features to manage the companies’ tasks and deal with tenants and landlords.

    What is the Best Property Management Software?

    Looking for the best property management software for small business or for commercial properties is not as easy as you would think. The available software in the market is mostly readymade and designed to address general challenges. they can help you in general, but they are not sufficient to get all the work done. You will need to buy and subscribe in additional software to meet all your needs.

    Powerful Lease Management Solution

    To provide the best property management solution for real estate companies in Dubai and the whole UAE, Odoo focused more on ERP customization. Odoo knows that each company has its unique challenges and problems that it needs to face.

    Unique problems require exclusive solution. Solutions that are tailored just for your business delivers the best results.

    How Can Odoo Real Estate Rental Management Software Improves Lease Management?

    Odoo ERP systems are designed to provide the best solutions for business growth. They implement automation and integrate different module allow faster task completion. Odoo ERP for real estate businesses can help with lease management by:

    1. Drafting and negotiating leases: Odoo ERP provides a library of ready templates to use for easier and faster lease and contract drafting. You can also edit the lease to meet any new agreements made with the tenants and the landlord.
    2. Collecting payments: When you create the contract in the system, you will get a reminder to collect the payments when the time comes. Afterwards, the system creates invoices as a proof of payment.
    3. Handling maintenance: Odoo ERP system for real estate business offers different means to help with maintenance. Create easier ways for reporting malfunctions and requesting repairs and store the problem in specific sheet that can assign the task automatically to maintenance team. You can also add a feature to track the location for maintenance team to check that they went to the perform the repairs.
    4. Store tenants’ info: the system can save all the recent data about the tenant. When you employees can have all the data, they need instead of wasting time waiting for client’s response.
    5. Provide the data for all the employees: everyone will be working on the same platform, they will all have access to the important data, and use it when needed.
    6. Monitor the progress: the company can monitor their teams’ performance. Knowing that the workflow is monitored is a good motivation to improve work efficiency.

    Why Should I Use Odoo Lease Management System?

    If you are in the market for a real estate management software, then you already know that there are different ERP systems that are already available in the market to choose from. You may be already using one right now. If this is the case you may ask yourself, why should I shift to Odoo Lease Management System? Here is a small list of reasons:

    1. No monthly subscription: Unlike many other real estate software, Odoo ERP does not require any monthly subscriptions. You are only required to pay for implementation and maintenance, and you are done.
    2. No need to pay per property: Your system allows you to manage your properties regardless of how many properties you have.
    3. Good maintenance and customer service: when you implement the system with Odoo partner, you will receive customer support from them. They are responsible for fixing any problems related to the system.
    4. User friendly interface: Odoo has a user friendly, easy-to-use UI. Easy to use interface will prevent customers and employees from finding other ways to get to you.

    Odoo has been helping different real estate agencies and companies all over the world. They provide the ultimate system solution that fulfills all the needs of your company, you only need to tell us a little bit about your business, and we will find a way to automate the tasks and get it done faster.

    OdooERP.ae’s comprehensive Odoo Real Estate Software seamlessly integrates various modules of aspects of real estate operations, from rental management, property management, sales and inventory control.

    Experience the difference with Odoo ERP. Start your free Demo today and discover how our powerful ERP software can help you manage your real estate lease management with ease.

    5 Reasons Why Real Estate CRM Software Can Prevent Failure

    Real estate business is booming in the UAE. The high housing demand has attracted investors worldwide. New and old real estate companies are already competing to meet the increasing demand. Real estate market is fierce and brutal. Over 3000 are competing to control. It is usual to see fresh and even known real estate companies fall down. Real estate failure is an old problem; to avoid it today, you need novel solutions like a real estate CRM software to grow..

    What are the significant reasons for real estate failure? How can Real Estate CRM Software help fix the problem? Let us find out together.

    Lack of Funds

    Real estate business can generate significant revenue. However, they also have enormous expenses. Real estate companies have to pay for asset maintenance, employees’ wages, advertisement, administrative costs, etc.

    For new companies, the issue can be not having enough capital. For existing ones, funds issues can appear when the expenses are higher. High expenses can result from a variety of factors, like a decrease in closing rates and inefficiency at work.

    Implementing an CRM Software for Real Estate Company provides a solution for financial problems. ERP CRM software increases efficiency, allowing better utilization of your resources. A study of the effect of ERP implementation on the system showed a reduction of 22% in administrative costs and 23% in operational costs.

    Few Leads are Generated.

    Real estate companies’ work involves selling, buying, and renting properties; sometimes, you can add property management. The company’s job is to find a house for clients interested in purchasing and buyers for property owners. They get paid for every purchase or sale they close. Therefore, they need to have more leads coming.

    The old-fashioned mouth-to-mouth advertisement is still used, but it is less reliable than before. People have changed their ways of looking for properties. Thus, real estate companies must follow. Investing in marketing is a must for any real estate company. Marketing expands the market for the company and finds better leads constantly.

    The next-level challenge is to have a better marketing strategy than the competitors. Real Estate CRM software provide real estate companies with vital information and reports to analyze sales, identify trends, and hence create well-planned strategies. Furthermore, ERP accelerates the decision-making process. Hence, the marketing plan can be applied faster to harvest more leads first.

    Poor Customer Relationship Management

    In the real estate industry, the business relies mainly on relationships with clients. Client satisfaction and trust are the elements they need to stay loyal to the company. Agents know they should follow up with customers constantly, yet many reasons can prevent them from doing so, like not being able to find the phone number or forgetting about the client’s requests. Ignoring the client has an imperative result; they leave for other companies with better customer service.

    Odoo CRM software for real estate involves a good ERP system. CRM allows you to have all customer information gathered in a single platform. This involves contact information, deals and transaction details, and their requests. You can have access to all this information and respond faster while you talk to them, giving them a sense of being valued.

    Real Estate CRM Software tools allow sleek follow-up with clients even after the deal is closed. They provide new methods that save time, such as email campaigns or sending WhatsApp messages. CRM also provides straightforward means for the client to request services from the company.

    Hiring the Wrong People

    Odooerp.ae ERP system helps avoid hiring wrong people

    Businesses such as real estate are built on trust and connection. Agents must work like a charm to give clients what they want and keep them happy. The secret here lies within the agents themselves; they have to know how to deal with clients in a way that they remain comfortable.

    High salaries and good benefits of real estate jobs attract many people who know nothing about the ABCs of the real estate industry. HR departments usually have specific requirements for choosing employees, but when they choose the wrong people, the whole business feels the hit.

    It is hard to find suitable candidates among tens or even hundreds. The process involves many stages and steps. HRMS ERP systems have the tools to organize and simplify them. You can be confident that you have the right team with you on your way.

    Poor employee management

    Passion is the fire that lights the way to success. Happy employees often perform better and score more. On the contrary, employees’ performance drops when they feel uncomfortable in their work environment.

    Working on providing a pleasant work environment is an essential task for the HR department. Enhancing the workplace can be made easier with the right tools. ERP Software for HR Management have different tools to evaluate performance, track and reward good results, and more. The environment will reflect itself on the results and increase the sense of loyalty to the company.

    For more information about real estate ERP software, or if you have any questions. You can contact the Odoo developer team. We are always happy to help!

    Schedule a Free Demo Today & Discover How CRM Software Can Transform Your Real Estate Business.

    Best HR Management Software in the UAE to Track, Evaluate and Report Employee Performance

    Every business whether in Dubai, or outside the UAE sets a target for their employees to achieve. Targets can motivate employees and urge them to develop their skills to constantly improve their, however, not everyone can find the right part on their own.

    One of the major tasks of HR department is to help their staff develop their skills, and ensure they get the sufficient training. To ensure employees are getting better, tracking and evaluating employees’ performance is needed.

    Difficulties Businesses Face in Tracking Target Achievements

    Despite the importance of employees’ performance evaluation, businesses can have some obstructions.

    Inadequate Tools

    Targets can be monitored and tracked when the only KPI is sales, but when there is more, lacking proper tools or software can make tracking cumbersome and inaccurate.


    Tracking and evaluation can take long time especially with lots of employees, and insufficient tools. Time is critical here because there are together tasks such to be done like payroll management, attendance, etc.

    Data Overload

    If there are too many metrics being tracked, it can lead to information overload, making it difficult to focus on key performance indicators.

    How Can Odoo HR Management Software Streamline HR Processes

    Odoo has already proved to be helpful to hundreds of businesses in the region, especially when it comes to its powerful HR properties. Odoo cloud HR software is designed and developed to make tracking performance easier.

    Centralized Data Storage

    Odoo keeps all the information needed in one place. All information regarding an employee, from recruitment to retirement can be accesses from the employee profile.

    With the integration with other systems like sales, and CRM, it is possible to track the revenues achieved by the employee, the number of clients they have contacted, and more.

    Customizable Appraisals

    Odoo allows for the creation of customizable appraisal plans to automate the process and provide faster initial evaluation. It is possible to define different performance indicators and set periodic evaluations, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually.

    360-degree Feedback

    Odoo supports 360-degree evaluations, allowing peers, managers, subordinates, and even the employees themselves to provide feedback.

    Goal Setting and Tracking

    To Achieve goals, they need to be well defined and clear. Odoo allows managers to set specific performance goals for their team members with real-time tracking of these goals.

    All employees have to do is to update their progress daily, and the reports will be modified and updated.

    Automatic Reminders

    Odoo can be configured to send automatic reminders for evaluations, ensuring that performance assessments are conducted on schedule.

    Feedback and Notes

    With clear progress tracking, it is easy to spot problems and obstacles. Managers can provide feedback directly on the platform and attached notes and feedback to their employees.

    Skill Management

    Odoo’s HR module lets you track and manage the skills of your employees, ensuring that they are aligned with their performance goals and the organization’s requirements.

    Why is Odoo HR Employee Management Software Better Than Other Software?

    Modular Design

    With Odoo’s modular design, businesses like yours can create the best HR employee management software that fits their needs. You can pick the modules you need, and tailor the system to your unique business model.

    Customization Flexibility

    Odoo is an open-source software therefore you can customize the modules you requested to add extra features that can make your work easier.


    Businesses grow, and their requirements change. Odoo has a good understanding of this, thus they developed the system to be upgradable at any given time. Whenever you need an extra feature, all you have to do is to call Odoo partners and request the upgrade.


    Businesses with branches in different countries have staff of different nationalities. With Odoo, this is not an issue, the system can be translated to many languages.

    How OdooERP.ae Ensures Giving you the Best HR Management System Software UAE

    The UAE has a highly competitive market, where you need to get better tools to outperform your competitors. In odooERP.ae we can help you get the best HR Software UAE and here is how

    1. Consulting: Our consultant will start by having a meeting with you and your team to understand your business needs and requirements. From there, we can suggest you the best HR management Software and know what features you need to have there.
    2. Customization: When the plan is ready, our developers will make the customization adding all the features you need to the system ensuring you get exactly what you need to streamline your operations.
    3. Integration: Your need to use other systems in your business does not affect the fact that you can manage your business from Odoo. We’ll integrate your system to any 3rd party apps you need.
    4. Training: All of our clients will get training sessions to prepare your staff for the transition to the new system.

    Creating and Securing Patients Record in a Hospital Management System

    Good patient care in a hospital takes more than having good doctors and medical team. Hospitals also require an advanced Patient Record Management System to help managing their medical records.

    Medical records are essential to provide high-end patient care because they deliver vital information to doctors about their patients. Information patients may not tell them thinking they are not relevant, or for other reasons.

    What is the main purpose for a patient record?

    The primary reason of keeping patients’ medical records is to provide a file for patients with their medical history. These documents should include information and data about chief complaint, history of present illness, past medical history, family history, medications they use, allergies they have.

    On top of that, hospitals can also store in their records other information such as lab results, treatments with dates, the treating doctors, and personal contact information as well.

    Having these medical records is essential to improving patient care, as they provide vital information and data about patients’ health and condition.

    Problems with Traditional Patient Record Management System in Healthcare Industry

    While hospitals have replaced traditional paper-based patient medical records long time ago, most of them are now using digitized alternatives such as excel sheets or other software that basic.

    It is not all about having a digital system and using a computer and/or a mobile phone to enter data, it is about having a management system that solves your problems and improves your efficiency. Let me tell you some of the problems you face with these issues:

    Limitations in Data Entry

    Excel sheets and basic software are prone to human errors during data entry, which can result in incorrect patient information, misdiagnoses, or inappropriate treatments.

    No Integration

    It is not possible to integrate basic systems with other apps or systems which means, after each treatment session, you will have to enter the treatment details in one place, then go to another one to create the invoice, after that you will have to register the medications prescribed to the patient and probably send an email to the pharmacy give the medicine to the patient.

    Inefficiency in Retrieving Records

    Data will be stored in different files in separate departments; therefore, doctors will find it hard to get the records fast, especially if hospitals have various branches and data is stored locally in certain one.

    Even if you are visiting the same branch, doctor assistant may have to look you up in different files, trying to remember when your last visit was which is not sufficient.

    Lack of Real-time Collaboration

    Many old systems are made to help certain departments, so if you have a file in cardiology, ophthalmology department may not be able to access your files and view your medical history. Or even worse, they may have access to old version of it, not knowing about the new updates.

    Limited Scalability

    Healthcare facilities grows, and so do their needs. If you are using excel sheets or other old program, it might not be possible to update the system to add new features. This can leave with some solutions such as using new apps for the new needed features which is not good because you will end up with two data bases.

    How Odoo HMS Hospital Management System Improves Your Patient Medical Record Management

    You probably have already heard of odoo, as it is one of the main choices for hospitals and clinics looking for a customized HMS. Odoo does not only provide simple and easy interface for hospital staff to use, but also enables patients to view their information and certain data such as lab results.

    If you have odoo HMS Hospital Management System for your clinic and/or hospital, you will enjoy the following:

    Seamless Integration

    Odoo Integration make it easy to save your effort and time. It will be possible to link patient profile with pharmacy, laboratory, and other relevant systems. So, whenever something is added or updated on any of these systems, the others will be updated as well.

    Reduced Data Entry

    Odoo HMS integration will reduce the need for data entry because you can automate processes to ensure both efficiency and accuracy. Assuming a patient got an appointment today, as soon as it is registered an invoice can be created for the correct payment.

    Scalable System

    Odoo is an open-source software, with modular structure. This means that it can be customized and upgraded anytime you need. Your Odoo hospital management system software will always meet your requirements and demands.

    Patient Engagement Tools

    Odoo can integrate with or patient portals, allowing patients to book appointments, view their records, and communicate with healthcare providers. You will make it easier for patients, and your staff will be able to manage all from within the system.

    Fast Access to Medical Records

    Odoo hospital management system software allows doctors to access patients files anywhere, anytime. All they need to do is to log in to the system, and search for patient name and they will have all the information shown on the screen.

    It does not matter if the patient is being treated in another branch, or other department. Their data can be viewed by authorized users when needed.

    How To Get the Patient Record Management System?

    Odoo is mainly special due its customization abilities. Odoo customization allow us to tailor the system to add features you need, and integrate systems within Odoo, or link Odoo with other apps as well.

    Customization requires knowledge, and Odoo expertise which we provide to you here in Oakland odooERP.ae the top Odoo GOLD PARTNER in the UAE. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to discuss your unique needs for Healthcare Software Solutions with a Secured Patient Record Management System, and we’ll gladly help you get what you need exactly the way you want it.

    Odoo for Landlords: Streamline your business with Property Management Software for Landlords

    Real estate is one of the most appealing industries in the UAE. Many investors purchased real estate in Dubai and other emirates to rent it out due to the rising demand for rentals in the UAE. Even though it is a profitable investment, you risk losing money if you don’t have good property management software for landlords.

    Real estate industry experts are aware of how challenging property management can be. Today, if you want to work effectively, you need property management software for landlords.

    What is property management software?

    Property management software is a tool that helps landlords and property managers manage their properties and renters more efficiently. The software often offers a variety of features and tools that help automate and expedite different property management processes such as rent collection, lease administration, financial accounting, and maintenance scheduling.

    The benefits of property management software

    Using the best commercial property management software has a set of important benefits for landlords. This system software simplifies their tasks and help them keep the work flowing smoothly. Here are some of the advantages you get from using the software:

    1. Streamlining communication: Making it straightforward for landlords, tenants, and maintenance personnel to communicate.
    2. Automating tasks: It can automatically conduct various recurring processes, saving you time and reducing error margins.
    3. Increasing efficiency: You will do more in less time by automating operations and optimizing workflows.
    4. Improving financial management: The ability to create financial reports and invoices and track spending and income to assist you in better managing your property’s finances.

    Is Odoo a property management software?

    Odoo is not a property management software, it is more than that. Odoo is a system that can be formed into whatever you need. It is possible to create a unique system with all the features you may need for property management.

    Odoo consists of a variety of apps that are designed with simple and easy UI and useful features. After realizing what your business needs, you can have an Odoo ERP system with all the features you may need for your work.

    How can Odoo help you get best property management software for landlords?

    Is it smart to ask Odoo to develop a property management system software when there are tens, if not hundreds, of ready-made and already accessible apps on the market? Yes, absolutely.

    The main disadvantage of ready-made software is that it is ready-made. It is a general answer to a specific problem. When the developers constructed the program, they did it for all the rental firms. Odoo, on the other hand, creates the software for you.

    Odoo understands that the requirements and objectives of small business landlords differ from those of large landlords who control hundreds or thousands of properties. Property management ERP software is adapted to your specific needs.

    To illustrate the abilities of Odoo, here are some of the features of Odoo property management software for landlords:

    1. Property management feature: it allows you to track several properties and analyze occupancy and financial data separately or as a group.
    2. A calendar: you can use the calendar to schedule property showings, maintenance and repairs, and other operations.
    3. A tenant portal: it is the best way to connect tenants with the landlord fast and easily. tenants can use the portal to read their lease, pay their rent, and request maintenance.
    4. Accounting: unlike companies, landlords do not have accounting teams or, at most, one accountant to help with the accounting. The accounting software can help the landlord reduce costs and handle financials better.
    5. Reminders and notifications: Odoo system can analyze the dates and data from contracts and use them to list important dates such as rent collection dates, maintenance dates, and more.
    6. Reports: Odoo provides instant reports and statistics. They are vital to landlords as they can provide them with the information they need to know about their business performance

    How to get the best property management software for landlords from Odoo?

    The steps to get the best property management software are simple.

    1. Contact OdooERP.ae via WhatsApp and provide us with your contact information and your business information.
    2. We will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the challenges you have and how can we address them.
    3. We will build the software for you
    4. We will implement the system for you.
    5. Get training from our team.
    6. Enjoy the boost for your business.

    OdooERP.ae offers a complete real estate ERP software solution developed to streamline real estate operations, better customer engagement, and boost sales and profits for real estate businesses. We’re a team of exceptional talents committed to deliver the best ERP software in UAE.

    Established a strong reputation across the UAE and stands out as the premier ERP Consultant in the UAE and #1 Odoo Gold Partner.

    5 Best Inventory Management Software Solutions in 2024

    Whether you work in Retail, Manufacturing, or Distribution as long as you are dealing with physical items you will always need to manage, monitor keep track of inventory data and levels. Businesses of different industries use inventory management software solutions to simplify the process and there are a lot of them around.

    If you are in the market for one and need help selecting the right inventory management, we are here to assist you with this list of the top 5 inventory management software in 2023.

    Odoo Inventory Management Software Solutions

    Odoo inventory management system is built using different Odoo inventory modules to create unique software every time that fulfils the needs of different industries.

    Odoo software is used widely by retailers, manufacturers, shipping businesses, and more. it is made to suit businesses of different sizes, in terms of management features and costs as well. It does not matter if you are a start-up expanding, or a big company looking for better tools to enhance their inventory management Odoo is for you.

    Supports Single & Multi Warehouse

    Odoo supports businesses with single storerooms and those with multiple warehouses across the city. When you have multiple warehouses, it is possible to manage inter-transactions between them and monitor stock levels and inventory across different locations. 

    Advanced Ordering

    Want to ensure you never run out of stocks and get the best prices every time? Just set triggers to send requests for quotations whenever an item runs below a certain level.


    One of the best things about Odoo inventory management systems is that they can be integrated easily with the apps you need. The integrations can be done with other Odoo apps or other 3rd party apps you need in your business. You can easily link the system with accounting software to facilitate your financial management and enhance accuracy.  

    Barcode Scanners

    Increase productivity and do tasks faster and more efficiently by using barcode scanners inventory operation. Avoid the manual work and reduce data entry, as all you need is to scan the code. This applies to tasks such as inventories, incoming shipments, packing orders, etc.

    Products Management

    Create and add different products with customized fields that you need. Monitor them by setting expiration dates and measure the quantities with different units (the system can also convert them for you)

    Order Management 

    Odoo software allows you to easily track inventory and monitor the status of your orders at any time. You can use tags to find out where orders are and can even use barcode scanners to speed up the process. The change can be immediately updated for all users in real time therefore you will always be on the same page.  

    Odoo Inventory Management System Pros

    Can be Customized to add extra features needed: Odoo is an open-source software hence, it is possible to craft the inventory software the way you want to meet the exact business management needs you require. 

    Excellent Support: When you have an issue with the software, or you need to upgrade the system with new inventory management features the support team will be there to help you. Odoo support can resolve system problems fast ensuring minimal effect on the flow of your business. 

    Integrate with different apps and ERP systems: Odoo has a variety of integrations with different apps and ERP systems. These integrations allow you to link your cloud-based inventory management system to the software you use to get data directly instead of adding them manually. 

    Suits different industries: With Odoo’s modular system it is possible to build inventory management systems and tailor them to the specific inventory needs of each industry. 

    Real-time tracking: With features such as shipping management Odoo offers real-time tracking for orders with details such as location, the date of the delivery, the user who received the order and more.  

    Simple and easy to use:

    Odoo Inventory Management System Cons

    Requires technical expertise to customize: This is not exactly a disadvantage because we in Oakland OdooERP.ae have a team of expert Odoo developers who can help you design and implement inventory management solutions seamlessly.  

    Katana — Inventory Management Software for Manufacturers

    Katana is a software with inventory management tools designed for the manufacturing industry to help manufacturers manage and control different kinds of items in their warehouses. Whether they are raw materials or finished products, Katana can help you manage inventory.

    Katana factory inventory management software Pros

    • Suitable for manufacturing needs: Katana software system is designed. 
    • Product management with the ability to modify and create variants.

    Katana Factory Inventory Management Software Solutions Cons

    Can not support other industries efficiently because it does not offer customization features to modify the system to other industry needs. 

    Adding users can be expensive: The price of additional users ranges from 19$ to 75$ per month depending on the plan you choose.

    Limitations: The plans set limitations on businesses for the number of sales lines per month. This means that businesses have to pay extra to use the system when business is flourishing.   

    Upserve – Restaurant Inventory Management

    Upserve inventory management is one of the most known restaurant inventory management software. It is a cloud-based system that can be used on multiple systems such as iOS and Android. It was designed to help manage restaurants of different sizes, making inventory control easier for them.

    Upserve provides all you need in restaurant inventory management software as a cloud-based POS and inventory tracking solution. It offers numerous excellent inventory capabilities, such as automatic inventory deductions when a menu item is sold, automatic replenishments when inventory is received from suppliers and one-click purchases when inventories are running low. 

    Upserve inventory management software can improve inventory planning, automate inventory for restaurants and cafes, and provide real-time visibility into inventory levels. 

    Pros of Upserve – Restaurant Inventory Management Software

    • Allow managers to track different inventory levels in real-time.
    • Suits restaurants and cafes of all sizes

    Cons Upserve – Restaurant Inventory Management Software

    • Does not have a user-friendly interface and can be hard to use without proper training. 
    • Can be challenging for beginners.
    • May suffer from trouble using it when the connection is not strong.

    Zoho Inventory – Inventory Management Software

    Zoho is known for providing business solutions such as inventory management software. It is commonly used for small and medium businesses in various industries especially since it offers a good price.

    Inventory and warehouse management software from Zoho is good, yet there are some problems and limitations. Zoho is not quite open-source software, it is not possible to customize Zoho solutions exactly the way you want.

    Pros of Zoho solution for inventory Management

    • Simple and attractive interface
    • Features to facilitate shipping and receiving processes
    • Fast inventory tracking

    Cons of Zoho Inventory Management software solution

    • Limited customization options

    Monday.com Management Software Solution

    Monday is a popular and famous software that can be used to control and manage your inventory. Using Monday.com can increase your team’s productivity and help you facilitate management. You can easily run your operations and handle your projects with lots of tools.

    Monday is free for small teams (up to 2 users), but there will be limitations to the features for the free plan. If you want more features, you have to upgrade to the paid version.

    Pros and advantages of Monday.com

    • Simple and easy-to-use UI
    • Available for different operating systems like Android or iOS 

    Cons of Monday.com Inventory Management Software System

    • The mobile version needs more optimization.
    • It is not designed to be an inventory management system.