Manage Your Finances Like a Pro with the Powerful Odoo Accounting & Financial ERP Software

January 20, 2024
Manage Your Finances Like a Pro with the Powerful Odoo Accounting & Financial ERP Software

Creating detailed financial plans that outlines your company’s financial goals is the cornerstone of financial management, However, it requires having knowledge of all the costs and expenses of the company which is not something easy, unless you have a great accounting software like OdooERP’s Financial ERP Software.

What is Odoo Financial ERP Software?

Odoo Financial ERP Software is a cloud-based software that helps businesses manage their finances. Backed with a wide range of features, including accounting, taxes, and bank reconciliation it can be the software you need to manage all financials and accounting need in minutes.

Odoo ERP Financial software is not the best financial ERP software only because it can help you with financials fast, but because of its ability to automate accounting processes. Automation is how our OdooERP solutions speed up processes and boost performance and let you finish in minutes what you used to do in hours and days.

Tracking your Income and Expenses

Odoo ERP software makes it easier to track your income and expenses, and link data together as well. You have the ability to create accounts for different types of income and expenses, and then enter transactions into your accounts. And guess what? Odoo can automatically generate reports that show you how much money you are making and spending so you can find ways to make more money or reduce the costs.

Creating Budgets for Teams and Operations

We can help you create suitable budgets for a team, an operation, or the whole business because you will have fast access to all your financial data and reports at a click of a button. It does not end there, you can also track the performance and compare the plan to the real expenses to make sure you are always under the budget and know what are the things that consumes the most of the money.

Generating reports

Reports are the references you need to know where you are standing and where to go next. Although businesses need them and rely on them greatly, they are hard to generate and may take days or weeks sometimes, so how about we change that to few moments instead?

Our Odoo ERP software are designed to generate reports based on data available in the database to tell you all you need to know about the business. You can easily know how money are spent, what costs you the most, where the real profits come from and more without having to wait for long time.

Integrating with other Odoo modules

OdooERP offers amazing solutions to manage your financial, but it can be a lot more than financial software. We offer solutions to run all kinds of business functions to your business, therefore, it is easy for us to integrate your financial software with other modules such as sales and inventory or manufacturing.

Integrating Odoo with the sales module helps you track your sales and see how they impact your finances. Integration with the production module is good to track your production costs and profits.

Odoo Accounting and Financial ERP Software Features

The devil lies in the details of our OdooERP system because we add different features to give you all the details you need in business. Here are some additional features of Odoo Accounting and Financial ERP Software:

Multi-currency support: You can track your finances in different currencies, which is important if you have branches in other countries, or clients abroad.

Tax management: Do not leave any room for mistakes when it comes to taxes and avoid fines as much as possible. Just open the app, and create tax codes, track tax payments, and generate tax reports.

Bank reconciliation: Odoo can help you reconcile your bank statements. You can import your bank statements into Odoo, and then Odoo will match your transactions to your bank statements. has provided many clients with systems to manage their finance and simplify financial management either as full accounting system, or as a part of the system. You can have yours too, contact our consultants, and get your custom ERP system now.

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