4 Ways ERP Systems Can Help Your Real Estate Close More Deals

January 12, 2024
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  • 4 Ways ERP Systems Can Help Your Real Estate Close More Deals
4 Ways ERP Systems Can Help Your Real Estate Close More Deals

How to Close the Deal in Real Estate Using ERP System?

Real estate companies can close more without hiring more people and looking for more talented people. Your team can do that, and all you need is a good ERP System for real estate business. Here is a list of 4 Ways how to close the deal in Real Estate business using ERP Systems.

Modules for Automating Lead Management in Odoo ERP System

The chances of convincing someone to buy a property are higher when you contact them while they are excited about the idea. Odoo speeds up the process by automating the stages and eliminating time waste.

Leads are automatically captured from various sources, such as the company website, social media, email inquiries, and online advertising campaigns. Then, once captured, leads are segmented based on predefined criteria using the Marketing Automation Module.

At that point, they are sent to the CRM and automatically assigned to salespeople to contact them. The CRM module can automate follow-up tasks. For example, it can send automatic emails, set reminders for calls, or prompt agents to schedule meetings.

As leads move through the funnel, their progress is tracked in the CRM. You can track the progress and see the numbers in real time at any given moment, and all you need is one click.

Odoo for Contract and Transaction Management

Isn’t it amazing to be able to manage contracts and other types of documents you need from only one platform? But wait, it also offers a wide range of advanced tools to edit and manage each of them during each stage of the process.

When a deal reaches the contract stage, agents can use the Document Management System to generate contracts based on customizable templates. Once the contract is ready, parties can sign digitally via e-signature integration.

With the help of the Sales module, agents are able to track the progress of the transaction, monitor key milestones, and manage any amendments or contingencies that are part of the contract. Hence, they can immediately know what they need to do next and what each client requires.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

A lost lead is never lost with Odoo because you can always turn it into a customer easily as you know all you need about them to convince them to buy later.

It starts in the CRM, with a detailed profile about the clients and their requirements. By using detailed customer data from the CRM, Odoo allows for the creation of highly personalized marketing messages that resonate better with potential clients, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Another great benefit is efficient segmentation. With Odoo 17, businesses can segment their audience based on various criteria, like:

  • Location
  • Past purchases
  • Engagement level.

You know what the best part is? The fact that the campaigns are automated. Module can schedule and launch campaigns at optimal times, ensuring consistent engagement without necessitating constant manual intervention.

Interactive Property Showcasing

Odoo’s capabilities can be adapted to offer interactive property showcasing, a vital feature for the real estate sector. You can benefit from this functionality to enhance the buyer’s experience by providing a more engaging and informative view of properties.

With the Website builder, it is easier to create dynamic, user-friendly websites where properties can be showcased with high-resolution images, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions.

As you integrate the website with E-Commerce Module, features such as online booking for property viewings or inquiries can be added, facilitating direct engagement with potential buyers.

Now I hear you saying, but it is hard to create a website, well, not with Odoo. Odoo has a drag-and-drop website builder, allowing everyone to create an attractive website in matter of mere minutes. an attractive website in a matter of mere minutes.

The real estate team can double their productivity and enhance their performance as they use Odoo ERP System to close more deals. We only gave you a simple taste of what Odoo could do.

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